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hazmat endorsement study guide pdf

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For Large Documents, Only Read The Currently Visible Pages This option is selected by default and is usually best if you use a screen reader with long or complex PDFs

Always use filename as document title: Allows you to use the filename as the document title(Not selected by default

hazmat endorsement study guide pdf

) Documents In Recently Used List: Sets the maximum number of documents listed in the File menuSave Settings Automatically Save Document Changes To Temporary File Every _ Minutes: Determines how often Acrobat automatically saves changes to an open documentSave As Optimizes For Fast Web View: Restructures a PDF document for page-at-a-time downloading from web servers

hazmat endorsement study guide pdf

Always reduce size for files more than 10MB: Reduces the size of the PDF automatically if the file size is greater than 10MBPDF/A View Mode View Documents In PDF/A ModeSpecifies when to use this viewing mode: Never, or Only For PDF/A Documents

hazmat endorsement study guide pdf

Hidden Information Searches the PDF for items that may not be apparent, such as metadata, file attachments, comments, and hidden text and layers

The search results appear in a dialog box, and you can remove any type of item that appears thereSelect Open In Full Screen Mode to open the document without the menu bar, toolbar, or window controls displayed

Click OK(You have to save and reopen the file to see the effects

) Note: Users can exit Full Screen mode by pressing Esc if their preferences are set this wayHowever, in Full Screen mode, users cannot apply commands and select tools unless they know the keyboard shortcuts

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