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Monitoring Mother Earth with a multitude of special clocks ...
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Mother Earth and humanity ..
moving toward an unknown future,
with only time and change as constant companions.

To monitor the pulse ..
of the past - present - and future,
many "special clocks" and "indicators" have been created.

Assembled here ..
so individuals can increase their understanding,
and act to make a difference,
for Mother Earth, themselves, and humanity ...


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clock (10,000 year) .. [Site]: The Long Now Foundation. [Details]: prototype clock. [RD:20021019].
clock (atomic) .. [Site]: US Naval Observatory. [Details]: master clock time. [RD:20021019].
clock (countdown - asteroid impact) .. [Site]: [Details]: celestial object 1997XF; 1-2 mile wide asteroid; could pass within 30,000 miles of Earth in October of the year 2028. [RD:20021019].
clock (countdown - Christmas) .. [Site]: [Details]: information on christmas traditions worldwide. [RD:20021019].
clock (death) .. [Site]: The Death Clock. [Details]: determine your own mortality; related resources. [RD:20021019].
clock (doomsday) .. [Site]: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. [Details]: beating the nuclear gong for over 50 years. [RD:20021019].
clock (doomsday - digital) .. [Site]: Digital Doomsday Clock. [Details]: digital indicator of the threat to cyper-rights; in the spirit of the original doomsday clock. [RD:20021019].
clock (doomsday - Mayan Calendar) .. [Site]: Doomsday Clock. [Details]: end of the world according to Mayan calendar; review clock with designation - 4 AHA, 3 KHEN-KHEN. [RD:20021019].
clock (drug war) .. [Site]: [Details]: USA federal and state costs; people arrested, imprisioned. [RD:20021019].
clock (Earth) .. [Site]: [Details]: determine time by latitude and longitude; requires java-enabled browser. [RD:20021019].
clock (Earth - new) .. [Site]: New Earth Time Clock. [Details]: proposed global time standard; measures a global day with 360 degrees; regular and NET displays. [RD:20021019].
clock (ecommerce) .. [Site]: [Details]: forecasted Internet ecommerce revenue; requires java-enabled browser. [RD:20021019].
clock (economy, government) .. [Site]: Worldmeter. [Details]: countries in United Nations; USA government expenditures (education, military) this year; automobiles and bicycles produced this year; computers sold this year. [RD:20021019].
clock (education) .. [Site]: Worldometer. [Details]: book titles published this year; newspapers circulated this year; attendance at Cinemas this year; cumulative hours waited for Internet to download this year. [RD:20021019].
clock (energy) .. [Site]: Worldometer. [Details]: energy consumption and production this year; oil and coal consumption this year; solar energy striking Earth this year. [RD:20021019].
clock (environment) .. [Site]: Worldometer. [Details]: forest loss this year; productive land loss through soil erosion this year; topsoil erosion from farmlands this year; desert land formed due to mismanagement this year; carbon dioxide emissions this year; human biological waste this year; fish caught this year; lightning strikes to earth this year; distance traveled by Earth within the solar system this year; weight of Earth; age of Earth. [RD:20021019].
clock (food supply) .. [Site]: Worldometer. [Details]: food production this year; calories consumed this year; protein consumed this year; underweight children right now; people going hungry right now; USA spending on weight loss this year. [RD:20021019].
clock (gun defense) .. [Site]: Gun Defense Clock. [Details]: USA criminal attacks stopped by guns this year. [RD:20021019].
clock (health) .. [Site]: Worldometer. [Details]: deaths from communicable diseases this year; deaths of children under 5 this year; maternal deaths this year; number of HIV infections; AIDS deaths (total over time); cancer deaths this year; malarial deaths this year; cigarette-related deaths this year; millions of cigarettes produced this year; pesticide-related deaths this year; babies born to teenagers this year; global government spending on health care this year; world spending on illegal drugs this year; USA spending on alcohol and tobacco this year; USA spending on perfume this year. [RD:20021019].
clock (HIV - worldwide) .. [Site]: The Stop HIV Site. [Details]: site loads a little slow. [RD:20021019].
clock (national debt - USA) .. [Site]: US National Debt Clock. [Details]: current outstanding public debt of USA; related resources. [RD:20021019].
clock (population - New Zealand) .. [Site]: New Zealand Population Clock. [Details]: site. [RD:20021019].
clock (population - USA) .. [Site]: USA Population Clock. [Details]: current resident population of USA; related resources. [RD:20021019].
clock (population - world) .. [Site]: Worldometer. [Details]: current population; births this year; births today; deaths this year; deaths today. [RD:20021019].
clock (population - world) .. [Site]: US Census Bureau. [Details]: projection. [RD:20021019].
clock (population - world) .. [Site]: World Population Clock. [Details]: requires java-enabled browser, good background information on the Earth's population explosion. [RD:20021019].
clock (Sun) .. [Site]: Earth View. [Details]: can also repeatedly zoom specific geographic location; background information. [RD:20021019].
clock (Sun) .. [Site]: Tim Osborn Site. [Details]: color image showing daylight, twilight, and darkness regions of Earth; updated every 15 minutes. [RD:20021019].
clock (Sun) .. [Site]: [Details]: interactive atlas, time info, public holiday. [RD:20021019].
clock (USA) .. [Site]: USA Time Clock. [Details]: official USA time site. [RD:20021019].
clock (world) .. [Site]: The World Clock. [Details]: all time zones; customizable. [RD:20021019].
clock (world) .. [Site]: The World Time Server. [Details]: select location to display time. [RD:20021019].
clock (world) .. [Site]: World Clock. [Details]: local times around the world. [RD:20021019].

Clock Screensavers
clock screensaver (Sun) .. [Site]: Sun Clock Screensaver. [Details]: free screen saver; v4.0; global map; global time, sun, moon, etc. information. [RD:20021019].

time (daylight savings - ending) .. [Site]: End Daylight Savings Time. [Details]: background on the phenomenon. [RD:20021019].
time (history of) .. [Site]: [Details]: history of time; timeline about time. [RD:20021019].
time concepts .. [Site]: Mystical World Wide Web. [Details]: time concepts, background information. [RD:20021019].
time measurement (history of) .. [Site]: A Walk Through Time. [Details]: NIST Physics Laboratory; history of time measurement. [RD:20021019].

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