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Encyclopedias and Almanacs
have always had one major problem.
Constantly expand -as- knowledge constantly expands.

In the pre-Internet days,
expansion meant annual printed supplements, updates, or new editions.

Time and technology
transformed storage and expansion into CD-ROMs, DVDs, hard drives, etc.

But the problem remained.
No format allowed for constant change and unlimited storage.

Until ..
the Internet emerged.

Collected here ..
for your benefit
online Encyclopedias and Almanacs
able to change from moment to moment ...


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1Encyclopedias and Almanacs
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almanac (Afro-American) .. [Site]: Afro-American Almanac. [Details]: African-American history resource. [RD:20021012].
almanac (computer) .. [Site]: Computer Almanac. [Details]: Numerical information about computers. [RD:20021012].
almanac (farmer) .. [Site]: Old Farmers Almanac. [Details]: Useful information for people in all walks of life. [RD:20021012].
almanac (general) .. [Site]: CIA, The World Factbook. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20021012].
almanac (general) .. [Site]: Information Please. [Details]: Online dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, etc.. [RD:20021012].
almanac (political science) .. [Site]: Headquarters. [Details]: Comprehensive political reference source. [RD:20021012].

encyclopedia .. [Site]: [Details]: General topics; some content available free; most content by subscription. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia .. [Site]: Encarta Homepage. [Details]: Good source of online knowledge; online version of Microsoft's Encarta encyclopedia. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia .. [Site]: Information Please. [Details]: Online dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, atlas, etc.. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia .. [Site]: My Virtual Encyclopedia. [Details]: Excellent comprehensive resource. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia .. [Site]: Welcome to [Details]: Semi-free encyclopedia; +50,000 articles; links by subscription to millions of articles, pictures, books (through Electric Library). [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (environmental contaminants) .. [Site]: Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (human anatomy) .. [Site]: The Virtual Hospital: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (mental health) .. [Site]: Internet Mental Health. [Details]: Mental health information. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (Muslim-Shi'a)) .. [Site]: Shi'a Encyclopedia. [Details]: Comprehensive encyclopedia about the Shi'a Muslims, followers of the religion of Islam. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (orient) .. [Site]: Encyclopedia of the Orient. [Details]: Middle East, North Africa encyclopedia. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (parenting) .. [Site]: Parent's Common Sense Encyclopedia. [Details]: Parenting; developed by pediatrician; excellent resource. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (philosophy) .. [Site]: The Interact Encyclopedia of Philosophy. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (quotations) .. [Site]: Bartlett, John, comp. 1919. Familiar Quotations, 10th edition. [Details]: 10th edition of John Bartlett's 1919 publication; contains +11,000 searchable quotations; was 1st new edition published after author's death in 1905. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (religion - Catholic) .. [Site]: The Catholic Encyclopedia. [Details]: Catholic religion information. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (science) .. [Site]: Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove. [Details]: Astromony, biography, books, chemistry, life, mathematics, music, physics; assembled over +10 years by internet encyclopedist Eric W. Weisstein with assistance from astronomical and Internet communities. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (countries) .. [Site]: Altapedia Online. [Details]: Facts, figures and statistical data on: geography, climate, people, religion, language, history, economy, etc. Full color physical and political maps for regions of the world. [RD:20021012].
encyclopedia (virus) .. [Site]: AVP Virus Encyclopedia. [Details]: Extensive; well organized. [RD:20021012].

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[1][Information Organization]: Section 1 contains a collection of almanac and encyclopedia resources, organized alphabetically. Each entry is organized into a general format. Format details can be found in the Mine Specifications.
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