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Throughout history,
astrologers, Native Americans, ordinary people, prophets, psychics,
religious figures, seers, shamans, wiccans, and many others
have endeavored to look into the future.

At times, their visions have been disturbingly accurate.
War, pestilense, plagues, famine, earth changes, Armageddon,
and the end of the world
have been important subjects.

The Prophecy Reference Desk
was created
to deepen your understanding of what may be on the horizon ...


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Apocalypse (Nostradamus) .. [Site]: Nostradamus Apocalypse, Morgana's Observatory. [Details]: John Hogue and Erika Cheetham interpretations believed to have particular relevance to September 11, 2001 tragedy. [RD:20020911].
article (Nostradamus Code) .. [Site]: The Nostradamus Code. [Details]: Manuscript and paintings in Italian National Library reveal possible secret Nostradamus code. [RD:20041226].

general .. [Site]: 24 7 News Net. [Details]: broad variety of topics, prophecy, etc.. [RD:20020911].

prophecy .. [Site]: Nostradamus Prophecies of our Century. [Details]: Nostradamus, prophecy information. Factual and personal viewpoints. [Topics]: Apocalypse. Blessed Mother messages. Book of Daniel. Book of Revelation. Catholic Prophecies (various). Jesus Christ on Coming Chastisements (brief metnion of coming world war). Marian Apparitions. Nostradamus. Third Secret of Fatima. Timeline (chronology of human history). [RD:20041226].
prophecy (animal) .. [Site]: [Details]: animals and prophecy including - red cow, white buffalo calf. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (Edgar Cayce) .. [Site]: Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. [Details]: official Edgar Cayce work site; Association for Research and Enlightenment. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (Edgar Cayce) .. [Site]: The Edgar Cayce Link. [Details]: research information on Edgar Cayce readings; related topics. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (Hopi) .. [Site]: Hopi Prophecy. [Details]: many other native and indigenous people prophecies of all races worldwide. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (misc - Apocalypse) .. [Site]: Apocalypse & Millennium. [Details]: prophecy and related information on millenium, apocalypse, conspiracy, end time, ufo. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (Mother Shipton) .. [Site]: Mother Shipton Prophecies. [Details]: background and prophecies. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (Native American) .. [Site]: Sacred Garden. [Details]: Native American teachings. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (Nostradamus) .. [Site]:, Nostradamus Dictionary. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (Nostradamus) .. [Site]: Nostradamus, His Gloomiest Predictions, Morgana's Observatory. [Details]: Nostradamus gloomiest predictions, 7 signs of old testament. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (Nostradamus) .. [Site]: Nostradamus Index. [Details]: Most famous predictions, including: Antichrist, scientific achievements, World War 3, Earth shift. Popular site. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (Nostradamus) .. [Site]: Nostradamus Reference Desk. [Details]: Nostradamus portal. [RD:20050102].
prophecy (Nostradamus) .. [Site]: Nostradamus Repository. [Details]: Nostradamus, related resources. Good. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (nuclear war, other) .. [Site]: [Details]: about nuclear war coming soon, prophecies, visions. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (religious) .. [Site]: Storm Harvest. [Details]: variety of prophecy articles, related information. Most relevant prophecy information contained in their library section. Religious orientation. [RD:20041226].
prophecy (religious) .. [Site]: United Church of God. [Details]: World News and Prophecy, biblical perspectives on current events, monthly listing, pdf or html format. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (religious - Marian Apparitions) .. [Site]: Mary, The Lady of All Nations. [Details]: The complete account of Marian Apparitions. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (religious - Middle East) .. [Site]: World News and Prophecy. [Details]: Coming Intervention in the Middle East, by Darris McNeely, 200109 file. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (Sollog) .. [Site]: The Prophecies of Sollog. [Details]: accurate prophet; fee membership required to access all prophecies, resources. [RD:20020911].
prophecy (Stan Deyo) .. [Site]: Eruption Prophecy. [Details]: 1997 dream of Stan Deyo; impending worldwide doom. [RD:20020911].
prophecy method (Nostradamus) .. [Site]: Nostradamus, His Method. [Details]: methods used to see into future. [RD:20020911].

search engine (Nostradamus Quatrain) .. [Site]: Quatrain Search Engine. [Details]: Search engine for Nostradamus quatrains. Peter Lemesurier's Official Site. Loads Slow. [RD:20041226].

writings (Nostradamus) .. [Site]: Writings of Nostradamus. [Details]: copyrighted publication, English version. [RD:20041226].

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[1][Information Organization]: Section 1 contains a collection of prophecy resources, organized alphabetically. Each entry is organized into a general format. Format details can be found in the Mine Specifications.
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