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Reference Desks ...
Unusually valuable information tools.
Each provides a unique look into the world of online knowledge.

A typical Reference Desk ..
covers general reference subjects.
Some are subject specific.
Extensive time, investigation, evaluation, and organization
goes into the creation of these gems.

Serious researchers, students, and libraries know - how important they are ...

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1Reference Desk Collection
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The following list is a collection of popular general and subject-specific Reference Desks. They are organized alphabetically by their name and not by their subject content.

Best Information on the Net .. [Site]: St. Ambrose University. [Details]: Internet portal; alphabetical index; extensive listings. [RD:20021017].

Education World .. [Site]: [Details]: Education-oriented reference portal. [RD:20021017].

Galaxy .. [Site]: [Details]: Subject-oriented search engines portal. [RD:20021017].
Global Reference Desk .. [Site]: [Details]: Gopher sites. [RD:20021017].

Internet Public Library .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet portal. [RD:20021017].
Investigative Tools On and Off the Net .. [Site]: [Details]: Investigative tools portal. [RD:20021017].

Librarians Index to the Internet .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet portal; extensive resource collection. [RD:20021017].
LSU Libraries - Subject Guides .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet portal. [RD:20021017].

MacMillan Law Library: Electronic Reference Desk .. [Site]: [Details]: Legal portal. [RD:20021017].
Martindale's Reference Desk .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet portal; excellent resource; immense resources. [RD:20021017].
Martindale's Reference Desk - Calculators Online Center .. [Site]: [Details]: Calculator portal; extensive resources; current earth information. [RD:20021017].
MEL - Reference Desk .. [Site]: Michigan Electronic Library. [Details]: Internet portal. [RD:20021017].
MSU Bozeman Libraries: Selected Web Resources .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet information portal. [RD:20021017].
Mustang: A Web Cruising Vehicle for Teachers .. [Site]: University of Minnesota CEHD. [Details]: Education-oriented Internet portal; using a 1967 mustang cruise vehicle concept. [RD:20021017].

NCSU Libraries - Reference Resoures .. [Site]: NCSU Libraries. [Details]: Internet reference portal. [RD:20021017].

Refdesk: Best Source for Facts on the Net .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet portal; excellent site; extensive listings. [RD:20021017].
Reference Works .. [Site]: [Details]: Ready reference portal; brief list; from English server at Carnegie Mellon. [RD:20021017].
Research-It! .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet tool portal. Interesting format. Tool categories: search, language, research, finance, maps, Internet. [RD:20021017].
Robert Teeter's Site .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet portal; good starting point; extensive resources. [RD:20021017].

THOR - The Virtual Reference Desk .. [Site]: Purdue University. [Details]: Internet portal; good listings. [RD:20021017].

UCIrvine Libraries Home Page .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet portal. [RD:20021017].
UCSD Libraries - Reference Shelf .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet ready reference portal; dictionaries, encyclopedias, other ready reference tools. [RD:20021017].
UT Library Online - Useful Reference Sites .. [Site]: University of Texas at Austin. [Details]: Internet portal. [RD:20021017].

The Virtual Gumshoe .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet investigative resources portal. [RD:20021017].

Water Librarian Home Page .. [Site]: Robert Teeter Site. [Details]: Water portal; excellent starting point; extensive water/general reference resource listings. [RD:20021017].
Women Reaching Women .. [Site]: Premier Search Directory for Women Online. [Details]: Women oriented resources. [RD:20021017].

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[1][Information Organization]: Section 1 contains a collection of general and subject-specific reference desk resources, organized alphabetically. Each entry is organized into a general format. Format details can be found in the Mine Specifications.
[2][Link Submission]: See Mine Links

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