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Armageddon ..
The very word
sends shivers down the spine
of many a brave soul.

Armageddon ..
The end of civilization as it is known,
the sunset of mankind,
leading - to a radical transformation of the world.

Armageddon ..
A great darkness
which has already visited Mother Earth - several times.

It is written in ..
the limited thinking of mankind,
the unrelenting destruction of the environment,
the retreat of glaciers worldwide,
the global pollution of life's essentials - air, water, and soil,
the ever-decreasing amount of fresh un-polluted water,
the de-stabilization of weather patterns, ozone, earth temperatures,
the accelerated extinction of countless life species,
the ever-increasing human population threatening to consume and destroy everything,
the ever-broadening replacement of natural environments with man-made ones,
the ever-increasing demand for food, energy, water, raw materials, and other precious resources,
the ever-decreasing supply of life-sustaining natural resources,
the proliferation of non-sustainable farming and living practices,
the unrelenting invention and spread of countless chemicals,
the dissemination of fossil fuels and countless insidious by-products,
the dangerous accumulation of garbage, landfills, sewage, etc., in the natural environment,
the emergence and spread of plague-like diseases .. AIDS, Ebola, gulf war, mad cow, etc.,
the never-ending difficulty of nations, religions, cultures, families to coexist peacefully,
the maddening, overwhelming, frightening, unchecked pace of technological change,
the endless development, proliferation, and threatened use of devastating life-planet killing weapons,
the sunset of ethics, honor, and principle for the petty bottomlines - money, power, security, etc.,
the onslought of governments worldwide seeking ever-increasing control over humans,
the relentless effort to destroy individuality, free-thinking, and non-conformity,
the dumbing down, drugging, and mind control of humanity,
the death of privacy,
the ever-increasing spread of secrecy, lies, deceptions, coverups, conspiracies, etc.,
the disturbing events of history worldwide,
the prophecies of the Bible,
the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,
the visions of countless seers from diverse backgrounds ..

The Armageddon Reference Desk ..
is a warning - educational - preparedness site,
for non-brainwashed individuals,
with a compelling need,
to get on the mountain top,
see the big picture,
view the great approaching darkness in all its facets,
learn the countless pressing events and trends,
driving humanity and the world,
already past - the point of no return,
toward an inevitable Armageddon .. that is coming .. like a freight train.

Prepare for the future.
Pursue an enlightened approach - for self, others, and the Earth ...


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