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For those who wish to receive gifts and/or make a donation ...
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The Internet Mine believes strongly in providing gifts of uncommon value in exchange for donations made. This form was created to simplify the process of requesting gifts, and making donations. When you're ready to fill out a blank form, we recommend using the text file version which can be found here. Be sure to review the Notes below before filling out the form. Complete step-by-step instructions and other helpful information can be found there.

                                                             Minimum   My
Gift                                                  Gift   Donation  Donation
Code     Gift Description                             Value  Amount    Amount
_______  ___________________________________________  _____  ________  ________

         PUBLICATIONS: Book
1004-1   Automotive Reference (ebook) ..............  $30    $10       ________
1005-1   Gas Saver's Reference (ebook) .............  $30    $10       ________
1014-1   Online Worker's Reference (ebook) .........  $30    $5        ________
1042-1   Classic Proven Gas Saving Device ..........  $10    $5        ________
1041-1   Automotive Fuels ..........................  $10    $5        ________

         PUBLICATIONS: Report
1015-1   Armageddon Is Inevitable ..................  $5     $2        ________
1038-1   Common Sense Tips For Eval Online Opps ....  $5     $2        ________
1034-1   Great Internet Gold Secret ................  $5     $2        ________
1039-1   How To Find Online Work ...................  $5     $2        ________
1035-1   Online Work, What's Right For You? ........  $5     $2        ________
1036-1   Online Work Con Games .....................  $5     $2        ________
1037-1   Popular Entrepreneurial Work Opps .........  $5     $2        ________
1017-1   Principle of Fuel Economy .................  $5     $2        ________
1016-1   Truth About Online Work Opportunities .....  $5     $2        ________

1002-1   TheInternetMine Newsletter ................  $25    Free      ________ 

         For those interested in making a donation 
         but not interested in receiving any 
         gifts ......................................................  ________

         Subtotal  ..................................................  ________

         Shipping (for mail orders only, $3/order) ..................  ________

         Gift Processing (for those requesting gifts, $5/order) .....  ________

         Total Donation Amount ......................................  ________

[A Note of Thanks]: Any donation is greatly appreciated. It helps us continue 
valuable research and development, destined to enlighten and improve: mother 
earth, and individual sovereignty.

Donation/Shipping Information

Please provide the following information (print to make legible):

[1][Date]: ____________________________________________________________________

[2][Gift Delivery Method]: (check one)
[ ] By Mail (USA option only)
[ ] Online (Global option)

[3][Donor Name]: ______________________________________________________________

[4][Street Address]: __________________________________________________________

[5][City, State, Country, Postal Code]: _______________________________________

[6][Email Address]: ___________________________________________________________

[7][Donation Payment Method]: (check one)
[ ] Cash (USA Dollars only)
[ ] E-gold (payment options include: cash, check, credit card, money order)

[8][Donation Payment Details]: (please check/enter whatever applies)
[ ] Your E-gold Account Number: _______________________________________________
[ ] Your Cash Bills and Serial Numbers (optional): ____________________________

[9][Send Completed Form and Payment To]:
The Internet Mine
P.O. Box 6125
Boise, Idaho USA 83707

[10][Overseas Customers]: An easy way for International customers to make a 
donation online is by opening and using a free, private, no-obligation E-Gold 
account.  Complete details and benefits at: link.


[1][Before Sending Your Completed Donation-Gift Form]: At times, we are briefly 
away (usually a few days to a couple of weeks) conducting research. If you would 
like to make sure we are in town before sending in your form, don't hesitate to 
send an email first. When you receive a response, you can send in your completed 
form by email (all donators) and regular mail (USA donaters only) and we can get 
started on your request.

[2][Mine Donation-Gift Form Procedure]: Proceed as follows: 
[2.1]: Review the html version of the Mine Donation-Gift Form.
[2.2]: Save a copy of the text file version of the form. It 
is used as a blank form.
[2.3]: Prepare a blank form for filling out. View the file with any word 
processor or text editor. You can view, modify, and save the form. If you prefer, 
you can print out a copy of the form, fill it out by hand, and mail it in when 
[2.4]: Determine desired gifts (if any).
[2.5]: Enter donation amounts for desired gift(s).
[2.6]: Total up donation amounts and other applicable costs.
[2.7]: Complete donation/shipping information.
[2.8]: Send a copy of the completed donation form by email (all donators). Place 
the donation form in the body of the email. Attachments won't be read. Place 
"Mine Donation-Gift Form Submission" in the email subject line. Send it to our 
current email address which can be found here.
[2.9]: Send a copy of the completed donation form by mail (USA donators only). 
Enclose your donation if it is a donation being made offline (cash).
[2.10]: Processing begins when your completed form and payment is received.
[2.11]: Gift delivery will be made when gifts have been prepared and processing is 
[2.12]: Gift delivery will be according to the delivery method specified in the 
completed donation form.
[2.13]: An email invoice will be sent when your gifts are shipped (offline 
delivery) or uploaded (online delivery). For uploaded gifts, the email will 
contain instructions on how to retreive your gifts. An invoice will also be 
included in all offline deliveries (mail).

[3][Gift Processing Time]: Please allow 1-2 weeks to prepare your gifts. They will 
then be sent according to the delivery method chosen. We will send you an email 
when your gifts are shipped.

[4][Donations and Gifts]: You are free to make a donation without receiving a 
gift in return. We offers gifts as our way of saying thanks for the donation 
you make.

[5][Donation Amount]: How much should you donate? This is entirely up to you. 
We appreciate whatever amount you can donate. You can donate without receiving 
gifts. If you would like to receive one or more gifts, simply enter the amount 
you want to donate next to the gift you would like to receive. Each gift has 
a suggested value, and a minimum donation amount. Donate what you feel is 
appropriate. What your heart and intuition tell you.

[6][Gift Delivery Methods]: Two methods are available for receiving e-gifts: 
Online Delivery and Offline Delivery. 
[6.1][Online Delivery]: Available to donators worldwide. Requested e-gifts 
are uploaded to The Internet Mine website after: a completed donation form and 
payment are received, and the gifts have been prepared.
[6.2][Offline Delivery]: Available to United States of America donators only 
by regular mail. Requested e-gifts are mailed first class after: a completed 
donation form and payment are received, and the gifts have been prepared.

[7][Opening A Free E-gold Account]: Any person, worldwide can open an e-gold 
account free. E-gold is the oldest, largest, and most well established 
electronic gold system. Gold is the only globally accepted form of value. It 
has been used since the dawn of time. Gold transactions have been made over the 
Internet since the late 1990s. There are many benefits associated with using 
electronic gold. Detailed information is available here, and 
at the e-gold website link. Giving someone your 
e-gold account number does not compromise your account in any way.

[8][Recording Payment Details]: We ask you to enter this information for your 
own records and protection. Entering this information let us and you know 
precisely what was sent. If you are sending a payment using e-gold, don't worry 
about revealing your account number. It doesn't provide access to your account 
(The Internet Mine account number is available for viewing by anyone at the 
website). If you investigate and open an e-gold account, you'll understand the 
safeguards they have in place.

[9][Returns]: There is no return policy on gifts or donations. So be sure 
you want to make a donation.

[10][Hardship Cases]: Money is hard to come by for many. If you want to make a 
donation and would like to receive a gift, but cannot meet the gift's minimum 
donation amount, send an email explaining your situation. Together, we can work 
something out.

[11][Helpful URLs]: 
[11.1][Mine Information]: link.
[11.2][Mine Contact Information]: link.
[11.3][Mine Payment Methods]: link.
[11.4][E-gold Website]: link.

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