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Section 1.1: A
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1.1   A

1.1.1   Activist
activist .. [Site]: Activist Reference Desk. [Details]: Activist portal. [RD:20050122].

1.1.2   Agriculture
agriculture .. [Site]: National Agricultural Library. [Details]: Agriculture, related; USA Department of Agriculture website. [RD:20021016].
agriculture .. [Site]: United States Department of Agriculture. [Details]: Agriculture, related; USA Department of Agriculture website. [RD:20021016].
crop science, horticulture .. [Site]: Horticulture and Crop Science in Virtual Perspective. [Details]: Crop science, horticulture, related. [RD:20021016].
environment .. [Site]: Environment Reference Desk. [Details]: Environment portal. [RD:20050122].

1.1.3   Animals
animals .. [Site]: 700+ Great Sites: Planet Earth and Beyond. [Details]: Recommended sites portal. Subjects: animals; aquariums; astronomy; dinosaurs; environment; geology; science; space; weather; zoos. [RD:20021016].
animal spirits, shamanism .. [Site]: Shamanism: Working With Animal Spirits. [Details]: Animal spirit, shamanism portal. [Animals]: Current; endangered; extinct; mythical. [RD:20021016].
care (pet) .. [Site]: Common Sense Health Care For Dogs and Cats. [Details]: Dog and cat oriented. Practical dental care. General care and training. Emergencies. Related. [RD:20021016].
care (squirrel) .. [Site]: Common Sense Squirrel Tips. [Details]: Squirrel care; first aid; handling. [RD:20021016].
care (turtle) .. [Site]: Shell Shock. [Details]: Turtle care. [RD:20021016].
guide (dog owner's) .. [Site]: Dog Owner's Guide. [Details]: Extensive collection of articles on diverse dog topics. [RD:20021016].
organization (National Audubon Society) .. [Site]: Audubon Online, National Audubon Society. [Details]: Conservation and wildlife. [RD:20021016].
organization (Ocean Voice International) .. [Site]: Ocean Voice International. [Details]: Harmony between humanity and ocean environment. [RD:20021016].
organization (PETA) .. [Site]: PETA, People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals. [Interests]: Animal abuse. Experimentation. Killing. Respect. Rights. Testing. Exposing/closing facilities: abusive/cruel to animals; conducting inhumane training; infecting animals; killing animals inhumanely; using animals in various consumer product tests. Educating/convincing industries to install wildlife protective equipment at industrial facilities dangerous to wildlife. [Background]: Founded 1980. International non-profit organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. [RD:20021016].
organization (Wildlife Protection Network) .. [Site]: Wildlife Protection Network. [Interests]: Educating the public about non-lethal and humane means of dealing with wildlife issues. [RD:20021016].
organization (Wildlife Society) .. [Site]: The Wildlife Society. [Interests]: International non-profit scientific and educational association, dedicated to wilflife stewardship. [RD:20021016].
organization (World Animal Net) .. [Site]: World Animal Net. [Details]: World's largest network of animal protection societies. Affiliates in over 90 countries. [RD:20021016].
organization (World Wildlife Fund) .. [Site]: World Wildlife Fund. [Details]: USA arm of global wildlife-oriented organization. [RD:20021016].
organization (World Wildlife Fund International) .. [Site]: World Wildlife Fund International. [Details]: International arm of World Wildlife Fund. [RD:20021016].
vaccines (animal, human) .. [Site]: Vaccine Reference Desk. [Details]: Animal, human vaccine portal. [RD:20050122].
viewing (animal - live) .. [Site]: Animal Cams!. [Details]: Live animal camera portal; [Locations]: animal shelters; aquariums; zoos. [RD:20021016].
wildlife .. [Site]: The Environment Webdirectory, Wildlife. [Details]: Wildlife portal. [RD:20021016].

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