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1.14.1Native American
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1.14   N

1.14.1   Native American
indigenous people .. [Site]: Nativeweb. [Details]: Indigenous peoples portal. Covering all indigenous cultures on Earth. [RD:20021021].
metis community (Blue Mountain) .. [Site]: Blue Mountain Me'Tis Community. [Details]: Self-reliant tribal community. Open to all native americans. [RD:20021021].
native american .. [Site]:, Native American Links. [Details]: Native american portal. [RD:20021021].
native american .. [Site]: Index of Native American Resources on the Internet. [Details]: Native american portal. [RD:20021021].
native american .. [Native American Home Pages] - native american portal. [RD:20021021].
native american .. [Site]: Native American Indian Resources. [Details]: Native american portal. [RD:20021021].
native american (Hopi) .. [Site]: Hopi Network Message Center. [Details]: Hopi portal. [RD:20021021].
native american (Hopi) .. [Site]: The Hopi Way. [Details]: Hopi; prophecies; related. [RD:20021021].
native american (Navajo) .. [Site]: The Navajo Medicine Woman Site. [Details]: Navajo; medicine women; skinwalkers; witchcraft; related. [RD:20021021].
native american (Sioux) .. [Site]: A Guide To The Great Sioux Nation. [Details]: Sioux Indian Nation, South Dakota, USA; guide. [RD:20021021].
native american, prophecies .. [Site]: EARTH MOTHER CRYING: Journal of Prophecies of Native Peoples Worldwide. [Details]: Native american portal; indigenous people prophecies; related. [Interests]: Artifacts. Controversies. Coverups. Earth changes. Free. Genesis. Healing. Hidden history. Legends. Native american. Prophecies: native americans; indigenous people worldwide. Metaphysics. Myths. Survival. Ruins. Extensive resources. Important site. [RD:20021021].
organization (American Indian Movement) .. [Site]: AIM. [Details]: Native american issues; resources. [RD:20021021].

1.14.2   News
news (alternative) .. [Site]: Alternative News Reference Desk. [Details]: Alternative news portal. [RD:20021021].
news (mainstream) .. [Site]: Mainstream News Reference Desk. [Details]: Mainstream news portal. [RD:20021021].

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