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1.16   P

1.16.1   Paranormal
Boylan, Richard (Dr.) .. [Site]: Dr. Richard Boylan's Offical Website. [Interests]: Area 51. Coverups. Disclosure. Extraterrestrial contact. Secrecy. Secret: organizations; spacecraft; space stations; technology; weapons. Shadow government. UFOs. [Background]: Author; behavioral scientist; hypnotherapist; university instructor. [Publications]: Books; website. [RD:20021021].
encyclopedia (mythology) .. [Site]: Encyclopedia Mythica. [Details]: Mythology; folklore; legend. [RD:20021021].
Howe, Linda Moulton .. [Site]: Earthfiles. [Interests]: Alien abductions. Alternative: energy; health. Mutilations: animal; cattle. Crop circles. Earth changes. Environmental destruction. Science. UFOs. X-files (real). [Background]: Author; Miss Idaho (former); producer (TV); reporter. [Publications]: Books; reports; TV documentaries; videos; website. [RD:20021021].
magazine (Borderlands) .. [Site]: Borderland Sciences. [Background]: Founded 1945. Investigating realms beyond the range of basic human perception and physical measurement. Scholar, researcher oriented. [Interests]: Alternative health. Dowing and radiesthesia. Future: medicine; science technology. New energy Psychotronics. Radionics. Technology: future; Tesla; water. [RD:20021021].
magazine (New Dawn) .. [Site]: New Dawn Magazine. [Details]: Alternative, paranormal portal. [Interests]: Aliens; alternative; Big Brother; controversies; economics; Egypt; health; metaphysics; Middle East; mind/body/spirit; mysteries; news (suppressed); new world order; paranormal; politics; secrets; UFOs. [RD:20021021].
magazine (Nexus) .. [Site]: Nexus Magazine. [Details]: Alternative, paranormal portal. [Interests]: Alternative. Ancient past. Big Brother. Coverups. Health. Mysteries. Science: future; secret; suppressed. Secrecy. UFOs. Unexplained. [RD:20021021].
magazine (Psychic Tymes) .. [Site]: Psychic Tymes. [Details]: Bi-monthly paranormal ezine. [RD:20021021].
Mars, Jim .. [Site]: Jim Marrs. [Interests]: Alien: agenda; artifacts. Chemtrails. Conspiracies. Coverups. JFK. Mars. Paranormal. Remote viewing. Secret: government; global organizations. UFOs. War on freedom. [Publications]: Books; videos; websites. [RD:20021021].
occult, unusual .. [Site]: RealMagick, The Occult Library. [Details]: Unusual sciences: general religion; occult; paganism; paranormal; parapsychology; philosophy; Wicca. [RD:20021021].
organization (mind control - Freedom of Thought Foundation) .. [Site]: Freedom of Thought Foundation. [Details]: Mind control portal. [Interests]: Education. Networking. Symptom identification. Trauma-based programming and EM (electromagnetic) targeting. Ttechnologies/methods restricting free thought: brainwashing; covert psychological operations of national security states; indoctrination; propaganda; thought reform. [Background]: Special project of the Gandhi Peace Centre Inc., a non-profit foundation. [RD:20021021].
paranormal .. [Site]: Adventures Unlimited. [Details]: Paranormal publications portal. [Interests]: Ancient mysteries/science; alternative health; anti-gravity; Atlantis; consciousness; exotic travel; extraterrestrials; free energy; lost cities; mind control; Tesla technology; unexplained phenomena. [RD:20021021].
paranormal .. [Site]: Coast To Coast AM Web Site. [Details]: Site of world famous night talk show Coast to Coast AM. Hosts include: George Noorey (weekdays), Art Bell (weekends), Hilly Rose (fill in), Barbara Simpson (fill in). [Topics]: Alien abductions and implants; ancient civilizations; Armageddon; asteroids; cattle mutilations; chupacabras; conspiracies; controversies; cover ups; crytozoology; diseases (Mad cow, AIDS, etc.); earth changes; environment; evp; ghosts; government (coverups, secrecy); health/nutrition (alternative, mainstream); mysteries; near death experience; news (suppressed, unreported); Nostradamus; one world government; paranormal; prophecy; pyramids; quickening; remote viewing; researchers; secrecy; secret societies; shortwave radio; solar system mysteries (Mars, Moon, Saturn, etc.); time travel; unusual; x-files (real); etc. [RD:20050122].
paranormal .. [Site]: Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page. [Details]: Paranormal portal. [RD:20021021].
paranormal .. [Site]: Paranormal Research Primer. [Details]: Paranormal portal. [RD:20021021].
paranormal .. [Site]: Surfing The Apocalypse. [Details]: Paranormal portal. [RD:20021021].
paranormal .. [Site]: Terra Seetch, My Favorite Sites. [Details]: Paranormal portal. [RD:20021021].
parapsychology, psychology .. [Site]: Michael Daniels. [Interests]: Parapsychology. Psychic: magic; mysteries; science; stunts. Psychology: general; Jungian; transpersonal. [RD:20021021].
remote viewing .. [Site]: Remote Viewing Reference Desk. [Details]: Remote viewing portal. [RD:20021021].
search engine (occult) .. [Site]: AvatarSearch. [Details]: Occult search engine. [RD:20021021].
search engine (paranormal) .. [Site]: The Paranormal Search Engine. [Details]: Paranormal search engine. [RD:20021021].

1.16.2   Preparedness/Survival
emergency, preparedness .. [Site]: Emergency-Preparedness Reference Desk. [Details]: Emergency assistance, preparedness, disaster portal. [RD:20021021].
fallout shelter (building a) .. [Site]: Build A Fallout Shelter. [Details]: Fallout Shelter: [Background]: Considerations; plans; resources. Graphics showing: direct effects of 1 megaton nuclear blast; USA fallout risk areas. [RD:20021021].
guides (survival) .. [Site]: Common Sense Survival Guides. [Details]: Brief free guides; diverse range of survival subjects. [RD:20021021].
survival .. [Site]: RemnantSaints. [Details]: Survival portal. [RD:20021021].
survival .. [Site]: Rocky Mountain Survival Group. [Details]: Survival portal; extensive resources; excellent. [RD:20021021].
survival .. [Site]: [Details]: Survival portal; extensive resources. [RD:20021021].
survival (wilderness) .. [Site]: Wilderness Survival. [Details]: Wilderness portal; extensive resources. [RD:20021021].
webring (survival) .. [Site]: SurvivalRing. [Details]: Webring of: survival, preparedness, self-reliance sites. [RD:20021021].

1.16.3   Prophecy/Prediction
armageddon .. [Site]: Armageddon Reference Desk. [Details]: Armageddon portal. [RD:20021021].
Nostradamus .. [Site]: Nostradamus Reference Desk. [Details]: Nostradamus portal. [RD:20021021].
prophecy .. [Site]: Prophecy Reference Desk. [Details]: Prophecy portal. [RD:20021021].

1.16.4   Protection/Self-Defense
organization (self defense - American Self-Defense Institute) .. [Site]: American Self-Defense Institute. [Details]: Member safety; self protection. [RD:20021021].
organization (self defense - Second Amendment Sisters) .. [Site]: Second Amendment Sisters. [Details]: Advocating women's self defense rights using guns. [RD:20021021].
organization (self defense - American Women's Self-Defense Association) .. [Site]: AWSDA. [Interests]: Promoting women's self-defense and rape prevention training worldwide. [Background]: Non-profit, educational organization. [RD:20021021].
self defense .. [Site]: Free Self-Defense Product and Technique Information. [Details]: Self defense: articles; information; products; techniques; tips. [RD:20021021].
self defense .. [Site]: No Nonsense Self Defense. [Details]: Self-defense portal. [Topics]: Abuse; crime prevention; martials arts; property protection; rape; robbery; security; self-defense; survival (high risk situations); violence. [RD:20021021].

1.16.5   PSI

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