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Section 1.2: B
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1.2.1Biological-Chemical Weapons
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1.2   B

1.2.1   Biological-Chemical Weapons
Anthrax .. [Site]: Anthrax Reference Desk. [Details]: Anthrax portal. [RD:20050122].
emergency, preparedness .. [Site]: Emergency-Preparedness Reference Desk. [Details]: Emergency assistance, preparedness, disaster portal. [RD:20050122].
immune system .. [Site]: Immune System Reference Desk. [Details]: Immune system portal. [RD:20050122].
terrorism .. [Site]: Terrorism Reference Desk. [Details]: Terrorism portal. [RD:20050122].
vaccines .. [Site]: Vaccine Reference Desk. [Details]: Vaccine portal. [RD:20050122].
weapons (biological, chemical) .. [Site]: Biological-Chemical Weapons Reference Desk. [Details]: Biological, chemical weapons portal. [RD:20050122].

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