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Section 1.3: C
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1.3   C

1.3.1   Communication
communication .. [Site]: Communication Related Web Sites. [Details]: Communication related portal. [RD:20021017].
communication (human) .. [Site]: Communication Sites Worldwide. [Details]: Human communication portal. [RD:20021017].
music, sound .. [Site]: All-EZ FreeStuff: Top Free Music Downloads. [Details]: Free midi music, sound portal. [RD:20021017].
phone calls (Internet - long distance - free) .. [Site]: [Details]: Free long distance Internet phone call portal. [RD:20021017].
shortwave .. [Site]: Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide. [Details]: Shortwave radio portal; extensive resources. [RD:20021017].
shortwave .. [Site]: The Latest Shortwave Loggings On The Internet. [Details]: Shortwave logging of stations worldwide. [RD:20021017].

1.3.2   Communities
communities (alternative) .. [Site]: Growing Place: Communities. [Details]: Alternative communities portal. [RD:20021017].
communities (alternative) .. [Site]: Intentional Communities. [Details]: Alternative communities portal; extensive resources; good. [RD:20021017].
communities (alternative) .. [Site]: WWW Resources on Alternative and Utopian Communities. [Details]: Alternative communites portal. [RD:20021017].
communities (ecovillage, sustainable) .. [Site]: Global Ecovillage Network. [Details]: Ecovillage, sustainable communities portal. Extensive resources. Good. [RD:20021017].
communities (intentional) .. [Site]: Google Directory: Intentional Communities. [Details]: Intentional communities portal. [RD:20021017].
earthships .. See Home
organization (Communal Studies Association) .. [Site]: Communal Studies Association. [Details]: Communal society advocacy. [Interests]: Historic american: preservation; restoration; public interpretation; study. Contemporary and international communal societies. Promoting communal society experiences and successes. [Background]: Founded 1975. [RD:20021017].

1.3.3   Conspiracies/Coverups/Secrecy
conspiracies .. [Site]: Conspiracy Reference Desk. [Details]: Conspiracy portal. [RD:20050122].
paranormal .. [Site]: Coast To Coast AM Web Site. [Details]: Site of world's most famous and successful night talk radio show. Hosts include: George Noorey (weekdays); Art Bell (weekends); Hilly Rose (fill in; Barbara Simpson (fill in). [Interests]: Alien abductions/implants. Civilizations: ancient, lost. Conspiracies. Coverups. Earth changes. Environment. Health/nutrition: alternative, mainstream. Global warming. Government: coverups/secrecy. HAARP project. Mysteries. New age. One world government. Paranormal. Prophecy. Quickening. Remote viewing. Secrecy. Shortwave radio. Time travel. UFOs. X-files (real). Etc. [RD:20050122].

1.3.4   Consumer
activist .. [Site]: Activist Reference Desk. [Details]: Activist portal. [RD:20021017].
common sense .. [Site]: Common Sense Reference Desk. [Details]: Common sense portal. [RD:20050122].
recycling .. [Site]: Recycling Reference Desk. [Details]: Recycling portal. [RD:20050122].

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