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Section 1.6: F
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1.6.4Frugal Living
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1.6   F

1.6.1   Food/Drink
food (vegetarian) .. See Vegetarian

1.6.2   Free
free .. [Site]: Free Reference Desk. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20050122].

1.6.3   Freedom/Privacy/Rights
activists .. [Site]: Activist Reference Desk. [Details]: Activist portal. [RD:20050122].
cryptography, privacy, security .. [Site]: Privacy, Security and Cryptography. [Details]: Cryptography, privacy, security portal. [RD:20021225].
disinformation .. [Site]: disinformation. [Details]: Disinformation portal; news, articles, related. [RD:20021225].
disinformation .. [Site]: Disinformation Gallery. [Details]: Disinformation portal. [RD:20021225].
email (secure - free) .. [Site]: HushMail. [Details]: Free secure email. OpenPGP standard. Endorsed by Phil Zimmerman (creator of PGP). [RD:20021225].
encryption (PGP) .. [Site]: The International PGP Home Page. [Details]: Good source for downloading free software implementing the OpenPGP standard. [RD:20021225].
human rights .. [Site]: Amnesty International USA. [Details]: Human rights portal; defending and promoting global human rights. [RD:20021225].
human rights .. [Site]: The Nation. [Details]: Human rights; law; justice. [RD:20021225].
mind control .. [Site]: FACTNet. [Details]: Mind control portal; cults; free thinking; mind control. [RD:20021225].
mind control .. [Site]: Freedom Isn't Free!. [Details]: Mind control portal. Extensive collection of resources on diverse subjects. Good. [RD:20021225].
mind control .. [Site]: Mind Control Forum. [Details]: Mind control portal; extensive resources; good. [RD:20021225].
mind control .. [Site]: Mind Control - Technology, Techniques, and Politics. [Details]: Mind control portal; documents, links, references, commentary. [RD:20021225].
mind control (government) .. [Site]: Government Mind Control. [Details]: Government mind control portal. [RD:20021225].
mind control (government research into) .. [Site]: Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control. [Details]: Mind control portal. Government research: ESP, mind control. [RD:20021225].
PGP .. [Sitte]: The OpenPGP Alliance. [Details]: Group of companies and organizations implementing the OpenPGP standard. News resources. Related. [RD:20021225].
privacy .. [Site]: Andre Bacards Privacy Page. [Details]: Privacy; related. [RD:20021225].
privacy .. [Site]: Privacy.Org. [Details]: Privacy; related. [RD:20021225].
privacy (electronic) .. [Site]: Electronic Privacy Information Center. [Details]: Popular site concerning: electronic privacy issues, news, related. [RD:20021225].
software (PGP - creator of) .. [Site]: Phil Zimmermann's Home Page. [Details]: Home page of the well-known creator of PGP: Phil Zimmerman. [RD:20021225].

1.6.4   Frugal Living
frugal living .. [Site]: Frugal Living Reference Desk. [Details]: Frugal living portal. [RD:20050122].

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