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Section 1.8: H
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1.8.3Home/Small Business
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1.8   H

1.8.1   Health
Anthrax .. [Site]: Anthrax Reference Desk. [Details]: Anthrax portal. [RD:20050122].
emergency, preparedness .. [Site]: Emergency-Preparedness Reference Desk. [Details]: Emergency assistance, preparedness, disasters portal. [RD:20050122].
health .. [Site]: Consumer and Patient Health Information Section. [Details]: Health information portal. [RD:20021019].
health .. [Site]: Hardin MD: The Medical Information Hub. [Details]: Health information portal. [RD:20021019].
health .. [Site]: HealthlinkUSA. [Details]: Health information portal. [RD:20021019].
health .. [Site]: Healthsites. [Details]: Health information portal; UK oriented. [RD:20021019].
health .. [Site]: WebMD. [Details]: Health portal. For: consumers, physicians, nurses, educators. [RD:20021019].
health .. [Site]: Yahoo Health!. [Details]: Health portal; directory. [RD:20021019].
health (mental) .. [Site]: Yahoo Health, Mental Health. [Details]: Mental health portal; directory. [RD:20021019].
health (women's) .. [Site]: Web Sites For Women's Health. [Details]: Women's health portal. [RD:20021019].
immune system .. [Site]: Immune System Reference Desk. [Details]: Immune system portal. [RD:20050122].
weapons (biological, chemical) .. [Site]: Biological-Chemical Weapons Reference Desk. [Details]: Biological and chemical weapons portal. [RD:20050122].

1.8.2   Hiking/Outdoors
hiking .. [Site]:, The Website of Wilderness Travel. [Details]: Hiking portal; backpacking; hiking. [RD:20021019].
hiking .. [Site]: Pack and Paddle Magazine. [Details]: Hiking portal. Subjects: backpacking; hiking; mountaineering; paddling; snowtouring. Pacific Northwest and Washington State oriented. [RD:20021019].
hiking, outdoors .. [Site]: Hiking Outdoors. [Details]: Hiking, outdoors portal. [RD:20021019].
outdoors .. [Site]: Camping On The Internet. [Details]: Camping, hiking, outdoors, RV portal. [RD:20021019].
outdoors .. [Site]: [Details]: Outdoors links portal. [RD:20021019].
outdoors .. [Site]: Yahoo, Recreation Hiking Outdoors. [Details]: Hiking, outdoors, recreation portal. [RD:20021019].

1.8.3   Home/Small Business
work at home .. [Site]: Work-At-Home Reference Desk. [Details]: Work at home portal. [RD:20021019].

1.8.4   Home
buildings (underground) .. [Site]: [Details]: Underground buildings, structures. [RD:20021019].
homes (cave - Matmata, Tunisia) .. [Site]: The Cave Homes of Matmāta. [Details]: Cave homes located in Matmata, Tunisia. [Note]: Locale was used in filming the first Star Wars movie. [RD:20021019].
home (cave - Moab, Utah) .. [Site]: World-Famous Hole N" The Rock. [Details]: Famous 5000 square foot underground home at base of red sandstone cliff in Moab, Utah. [Note]: Built by Albert and Gladys Christensen (both deceased). [RD:20021019].
home (cave - Fresno, California) .. [Site]: Road Trip America: Forestiere Underground Gardens. [Details]: Elaborate underground home complex near Fresno, California. Over 50 rooms on 10 acres. Built by Baldasare Forestiere, a Sicilian immigrant. Used hand tools. Spent $300 on supplies by the time of his death in 1946. [RD:20021019].
home (cave - Parthenon, Arkansas) .. [Site]: Beckham Creek Cave House. [Details]: Built in 5500 square foot natural cave during the Cold War. Took 4 years. Built by John Hay, cofounder of Celestial Seasonings herbal tea company. [RD:20021019].
homes (cave - Gaudix, Spain) .. [Site]: Gaudix Spain Travel Guide. [Details]: Cave homes of Gaudix Spain. Interior views. [RD:20021019].
homes (earthship) .. [Site]: Learning For A Better World: Earthships Ahoy!. [Details]: Earthship portal. [RD:20021019].
homes (earthship) .. [Site]: Earthship. [Details]: Earthship portal. [RD:20021019].
homes (earthship) .. [Site]: Earthship Biotecture Solar Affordable Housing. [Details]: Earthship portal; popular site; extensive resources. [RD:20021019].
homes (earthship), trees .. [Site]: Treepeople and Earthships. [Details]: Evaluation of earthship, tree, and related sites. [RD:20021019].
homes (missile silo) .. [Site]: At Home In A Missile Silo. [Details]: Missile silo homes. [RD:20021019].
homes (rammed earth) .. [Site]: Rammed Earth. [Details]: Rammed earth portal. [RD:20021019].
homes (rammed earth) .. [Site]: Rammed Earth Solar Homes. [Details]: Rammed earth homes. [RD:20021019].
homes (solar) .. [Site]: Go Solar Power. [Details]: Solar powered homes. [RD:20021019].
homes (straw bale) .. [Site]: The Last Straw. [Details]: Straw bale homes. [RD:20021019].
homes (underground) .. [Site]: Earth House. [Details]: Earth sheltered, underground homes portal. [RD:20021019].
homes (underground) .. [Site]: Home Sweet Earth Home. [Details]: Earth sheltered homes portal. [RD:20021019].
homes (underground) .. [Site]: The Underground Home Website. [Details]: Earth sheltered, underground homes portal. [RD:20021019].

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