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Section 1.15: O
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1.15   O

1.15.1   Oil
oil (engine) .. [Site]: The Engine Oil Bible. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20021118].

1.15.2   Organizations
organization (association - American Automobile) .. [Site]: [Details]: American Automobile Association. [RD:20021118].
organization (association - Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association) .. [Site]: [Details]: Voice of the Canadian automotive parts industry. [RD:20021118].
organization (association - DeLorean Owners) .. [Site]: DeLorean Owners Asssociation. [Details]: DeLorean car owners. [RD:20021118].
organization (association - International Association of Auto Theft Investigators) .. [Site]: [Details]: Automotive theft. [RD:20021118].
organization (association - International Automobile Manufacturers) .. [Site]: AIAM. [Details]: Voice for international auto manufacturers. [RD:20021118].
organization (association - National Automobile Dealers) .. [Site]: National Automobile Dealers Association. [Details]: NADA. [RD:20021118].
organization (association - National Vehicle Leasing) .. [Site]: National Vehicle Leasing Association. [Details]: Vehicle leasing. [RD:20021118].
organization (association - Western States Auto Theft Investigators) .. [Site]: [Details]: Automotive theft; southern chapter. [RD:20021118].
organization (club - car - Antique Automobile Club of America) .. [Site]: AACA. [Details]: Antique Automobile Club of America Library and Research Center. [RD:20021118].
organization (club - car - MG Cars Enthusiasts) .. [Site]: MG Cars Enthusiasts Club. [Details]: MG car owners. [RD:20021118].
organization (club - car - Plymouth Owners) .. [Site]: Plymouth Owners Club. [Details]: Plymouth car owners. [RD:20021118].
organization (club - car - Steam Automobile Club of America) .. [Site]: [Details]: Club dedicated to preservation of steam automobiles. [RD:20021118].
organization (engineering - Society of Automotive Engineers) .. [Site]: [Details]: Automotive engineers. [RD:20021118].
organization (export - North American Export Committee) .. [Site]: [Details]: Dedicated to curtailing flow of stolen cars across international borders. [RD:20021118].
organization (history - Society of Automotive Historians) .. [Site]: [Details]: Automotive history. [RD:20021118].
organization (petroleum - American Petroleum Institute) .. [Site]: [Details]: Petroleum standards, specifications, etc. [RD:20021118].
organization (petroleum - National Petroleum Council) .. [Site]: [Details]: Petroleum; for USA. [RD:20021118].
organization (petroleum - Shell) .. [Site]: Royal Dutch-Shell Group of Companies. [Details]: Petroleum company. [RD:20021118].
organization (petroleum - Texaco Chevron] .. [Site]: [Details]: Petroleum company. [RD:20021118].
organization (technician - International Automotive Technician Network) .. [Site]: [Details]: Automotive technicians. [RD:20021118].

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