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The Ebook phenomenon ..

A concept whose time has come.

are a bold departure
from the publishing status quo.

Ebooks provide an attractive publishing format ..
good for the environment,
good for small publishers,
good for a rich multimedia reading experience,
good for massive information distribution,
good for frequent updating of content,
good for organizing a massive library in a small space,
good for leveling the publishing playing field,
between major book publishers and the common man.

Ebooks are perceived
as being less valuable .. than their printed counterparts,
but the opposite is true.

Ebooks uniquely provide a richer reading experience,
by allowing readers to benefit
from the big 4 multmedia formats .. text, images, video, and audio.

The Ebook Reference Desk
helps book lovers explore this strange exciting new world ..


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awards (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Independent ebook-awards. [RD:20021108].

bookstore (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Books for sale, access to free ebooks, etc.. [RD:20021108].

club (book) .. [Site]: Brooklyn Public Library - online book club. [Details]: Features a chapter a day concept; part of a chapter is emailed daily to subscribers. [RD:20021108].
club (book) .. [Site]: Chapter A Day. [Details]: Rediscover joy of reading. Free email service. [RD:20021108].

ebook (business - free) .. [Site]: [Details]: Free online business basics ebook. [RD:20021108].
ebooks (business - free) .. [Site]: The eBook Directory. [Details]: Find free online business ebooks. [RD:20021108].
ebooks (Internet marketing - free) .. [Site]: [Details]: Download free Internet marketing ebooks. [RD:20021108].
ebooks (Internet marketing - free) .. [Site]: [Details]: Free internet marketing ebooks. [RD:20021108].

library (ebook) .. [Site]: Bibliomania. [Details]: Free online literature; study guides. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Internet classics archive. Hundreds of searchable works of classical literature. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: The On-Line Books page. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: - Open Directory. [Details]: electronic text archives (arts). [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Books published on the english server. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Electronic text center holdings (reportedly the largest online extest library). [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Etexts and ebooks. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: Johnson County Library. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Books on the Internet. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: netLibrary. [Details]: Large collection of online books. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Windows CE archives. Etext sites. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: Project Gutenberg Official Home Site. [Details]: Free books online. Popular site. Important project. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: Project Gutenberg. [Details]: Official site. Free online books. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: Scottsdale Public Library. [Details]: Ebooks online feature. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: The On-Line Books Page. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20021108].
library (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Public domain etexts. [RD:20021108].

marketing (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Free ebook marketing. [RD:20021108].
marketing (ebook) .. [Site]: ePublishing Network. [Details]: Ebook/author marketplace. [RD:20021108].

publishing guide (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Electronic publishing guide. [RD:20021108].

reader (ebook-Adobe Acrobat v2.2) .. [Site]: Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader. [Details]: Download free Adobe Acrobat ebook reader software; v2.2. [RD:20021108].
reader (ebook-Micosoft) .. [Site]: [Details]: Software and services for MS reader. [RD:20021108].
reader (pdf-Adobe Acrobat v5.0) .. [Site]: Adobe Acrobat Reader. [Details]: Download free Adobe Acrobat reader software; v5.0. [RD:20021108].
resource (ebook) .. [Site]: [Details]: Mystic-Ink, a global community dedicated to the future of the written word. [RD:20021108].

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