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Mankind's most familiar - storehouses of knowledge.

In places,
common and remote - worldwide,
Earth's libraries are almost countless,
in number and name.

The Internet
has become,
but another valuable forum
for libraries to store and exchange information.

The Library Reference Desk
was created
to guide .. students of knowledge
into and through an immense inner global library network
providing unlimited opportunities to learn and grow ...


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association (ALA) .. [Site]: American Library Association. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20020911].
association (library - USA - Connecticut) .. [Site]: Wilton Library Association. [Details]: Research. Library services. Local information. [Location]: Wilton, Connecticut, USA. [RD:20020911].

exhibitions (library, archival) .. [Site]: Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web. [Details]: Project of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries. [RD:20020911].

faq (reference desk) .. [Site]: DeskRef. [Details]: Library reference desk FAQ. [RD:20020911].

library .. [Site]: University of Leicester, University Library. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20020911].
library (Canada - Ontario) .. [Site]: Virtual Reference Library, Toronto Public Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Toronto, Ontario Canada. [RD:20020911].
library (Internet) .. [Site]: Internet Library for Librarians. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20020911].
library (Internet) .. [Site]: Internet Public Library, Reference Center. [Details]: Good resources. Image-type reference desk. [RD:20020911].
library (Internet) .. [Site]: netLibrary. [Details]: Large collection of online books. Requires cookies. [RD:20020911].
library (law) .. [Site]: Lectric Law Library. [Details]: Popular legal resource. [RD:20020911].
library (research) .. [Site]: American Philatelic Research Library. [Details]: n/a. [RD:20020911].
library (USA) .. [Site]: Library of Congress Home Page. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Washington, DC, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Arizona) .. [Site]: Scottsdale Public Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - California) .. [Site]: Redwood City Public Library. [Details]: Growing list of books on CD. [Location]: Redwood City, California, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Colorado) .. [Site]: Colorado Virtual Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Colorado, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Florida) .. [Site]: Seminole County Public Library System. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Seminole City, Florida, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Idaho) .. [Site]: Albertson Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Boise, Idaho, USA. Boise State University campus. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Illinois) .. [Site]: Morton Grove Public Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Webrary, Morton Grove, Illinois. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Indiana) .. [Site]: Allen County Public Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Kansas) .. [Site]: Johnson County Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Shawnee Mission, Kansas, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Maryland) .. [Site]: Baltimore County Public Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Baltimore, Maryland, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Michigan) .. [Site]: Library of Michigan. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Lansing, Michigan, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Michigan) .. [Site]: Michigan Electronic Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Michigan, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Minnesota) .. [Site]: Hennepin County Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Missouri) .. [Site]: Kansas City Public Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Kansas City, Missouri, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Nevada) .. [Site]: Henderson District Public Libraries. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Henderson, Nevada, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - New Jersey) .. [Site]: New Jersey, Statewide Reference Center. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: New Jersey, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - New York) .. [Site]: Brooklyn Public Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Brooklyn, New York, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - New York) .. [Site]: Queens Library WorldLinQ. [Details]: created by Queens Borough Public Library. [Location]: Queens, New York, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Ohio) .. [Site]: Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Oregon) .. [Site]: Multnomah County Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Portland, Oregon, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - South Carolina) .. [Site]: Public Library, Charlotte & Mecklenburg County. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: South Carolina, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Virginia) .. [Site]: Central Rappahannock Regional Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Virginia) .. [Site]: Internet Reference Sources. [Details]: University of Virginia Library. General topics. [Location]: Virginia, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Virginia) .. [Site]: Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Virginia, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Washington) .. [Site]: San Juan Island Library. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Friday Harbor, Washington, USA. [RD:20020911].
library (USA - Washington DC) .. [Site]: Smithsonian Institution. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: Washington, DC, USA. [RD:20020911].
library system .. [Site]: Bergen County Cooperative Library System. [Details]: n/a. [Location]: n/a. [RD:20020911].

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[1][Information Organization]: Section 1 contains a collection of library resources, organized alphabetically. Each entry is organized into a general format. Format details can be found in the Mine Specifications.
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