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Section 1.1: A
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1.1   A

Ablow, Keith Russell (M.D.) .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Violent criminal thinking; root of evil. [Background]: Author; forensic psychiatrist. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Abrams, Michael (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Terminal patient death transition assistance; miracles. [Background]: Author; emergency physician. [Publications]: Books; audio cassettes. [RD:20020928].
Adair, David .. [Site]: [Interests]: Extraterrestrials; space science. [Background]: Speaker. [RD:20020928].
Adams, Patch (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Health; doctor/patient relationship. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Alexander, John (Colonel) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Non-lethal weapons; remote viewing. [Background]: Author; retired military officer. [Publications]: Books. [Related Websites]: [RD:20020928].
Allen, Paula Gunn (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Feminine Native American traditions; medicine women. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Allgire, Dick .. [Site]: [Interests]: Remote viewing. [Background]: Affiliated with Hawaii Remote Viewer's Guild. [RD:20020928].
Alper, Matthew .. [Site]: [Interests]: Genetic inheritance of spiritual reality; God part of brain. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Alschuler, William R. (Ph.D.) .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Astronomy; building energy conservation; dinosaurs; UFOs. [Background]: Astronomer; author; teacher. [Publications] Book. [RD:20020928].
Alten, Steve .. [Site]: [Interests]: Mayan Calendar novels; nuclear war; oppression; physical education; sports medicine; terrorism. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Ambermaeve, Lady .. [Site]: [Interests]: Goddess; Wiccans. [RD:20020928].
Amato, Joseph A. .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Dust. [Background]: Author; professor (Intellectual/Cultural History, SW State University, Marshall, Minnesota). [RD:20020928].
Amatuzio, Janis (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Death threshold: communications, experiences, visions. Forensic medicine. [Background]: Author; coroner. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Anand, Margo .. [Site]: [Interests]: Human sexuality. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Anderson, David (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Time travel. [RD:20020928].
Anderson, George .. [Site]: [Interests]: Conversations from other side. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Anderson, Jack .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Controversaries. [Background]: Author. Famous investigative reporter. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Andrews, Colin .. [Site]: [Interests]: Crop circles. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Andrews, Shirley .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Atlantis. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Antonacci, Mark .. [Site]: [Interests]: Shroud of Turin. [Background]: Attorney; author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Arguelles, Jose .. [Site]: [Interests]: Planetary transformation; Earth day; Mayan culture. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Arnold, Larry .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Spontaneous human combustion. [RD:20020928].
Arrien, Angeles (Ph.D) .. [Site]: New Medicine. [Interests]: Healing (cross-cultural); health; relationships; storytelling. [Background]: Author; consultant. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Arthur, James .. [Site]: [Interests]: Magical plants; mushrooms; sacramental substances. [Background]: Author; ethnomycologist. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Atwater, P.M.H. (Dr.) .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Future memory; human evolution; near-death experiences. [Background]: Author. [Publications] Books. [RD:20020928].
Atwater, Skip .. [Site]: [Interests]: Consciousness evolution. [Background]: Research director (Monroe Institute). [RD:20020928].
Auerbach, Loyd .. [Site]: [Interests]: Altered states of consciousness; charlatans; channeling; dreams (general, psychic); ESP; ghost (hunting, stories); hauntings; magic; mass media; mentalism; mind over matter; parapsychologists; poltergeists; possession; psi; psychic phenomena; public speaking; reincarnation; science fiction. [Background]: Anthropologist; author; consultant (writer, TV); consulting editor (Fate Magazine); director (Office of Paranormal Investigations); member (Parapsychological Association, Society for Scientific Exploration); parapsychologist; teacher. [Publications]: Books; cassettes (audio, video); column (magazine); investigations (video); lecture series (video); seminar series (video). [Related Websites]:;;; [RD:20020928].
Aykroyd, Dan .. [Site]: [Interests]: Paranormal; UFOs. [Background]: Actor. [Publications]: Videos. [RD:20020928].

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