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Section 1.2: B
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1.2   B

Baars, Bernard J. .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Consciousness. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Bada, Jeffrey .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Spark of life. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Baldwin, Christina .. [Site]: [Interests]: Circle communication skills. [RD:20021010].
Baldwin, William J. (Dr., Ph.D.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Interference of unseen world beings; possession; sinister forces; spirit release therapy. [Background]: Author; counselor; dentist; therapist. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Bambenek, Greg (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Bigfoot. [Background]: Member of Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Expedition. [Related Websites] [See Also]: Leroy Fish; Matt Moneymaker. [RD:20021010].
Bare, James ... [Site]: Royal Rife Technologies. [Interests]: Rife Beam Ray device; health therapy. [RD:20021010].
Barlow, Bernyce .. [Site]: [Interests]: Sacred sites in Western USA. [Background]: Author. [Publications] Book. [RD:20021010].
Barnes, William .. [Site]: [Interests]: Past-life memories of Titanic oceanliner construction. [Background]: Author. [Publications] Book. [RD:20021010].
Barnett, Reneacute .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Strange Universe TV program. [Background]: Producer. [RD:20021010].
Baron, Elizabeth .. [Site]: [Interests]: Meditation; silence; trance medium. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book; cassette. [RD:20021010].
Barrett, Deidre (Ph.D.) .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Dreams; hypnotherapy; sleep. [Background]: Author; faculty member (Harvard Medical School psychiatary department). [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Barry, Mark .. [Site]: [Interests]: Flying 16,000 feet high in lawn chair equipped with helium balloons. [Publications]: Audio cassette recordings of pilot. [RD:20021010].
Barwood, Frances Emma .. [Site]: [Interests]: Phoenix, Arizona UFO lights sighting (March 13, 1997). [Background]: Former councilwoman (Phoenix, Arizona). Pressed for investigation into mysterious major UFO sighting over Phoenix in late 1990s. [RD:20021010].
Bassett, Stephen .. [Site]: [Interests]: Disclosure; extraterrestrials; secrecy reform; UFOs. [Background]: Lawyer. Only registered USA lobbyist representing UFO and extraterrestrial research organizations. [Related Websites]:;; [RD:20021010].
Bastone, William .. [Site]: [Interests]: Criminal justice; organized crime. [Background]: Author; editor (smoking gun website); investigative reporter. [Publications]: Book. [Related Websites]: [RD:20021010].
Batmanghelid, Fereydoon (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Asthma allergies; back pain; chronic dehydration; healing power of water; lupus; pain and disease; pain free life; rheumatoid joint pain. [Background]: Author; medical doctor; political prisoner. [Publications]: Books. [Related Websites]: [RD:20021010].
Bauer, Henry .. [Site]: [Interests]: Heterodoxies; Loch Ness monster; magnetic healing; paranormal/psychic phenomena; pseudoscience; scientific literacy/method. [Background]: Author; editor. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Baugh, Carl Edward (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Archaeology; creation evidence; dinosaurs (discovery of, excavation of); education; energized plant systems; hyperbaric biosphere; water reclamation. [Background]: Author; director. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Bauval, Robert .. [Site]: [Interests]: Orion mystery; Egyptian pyramid secrets. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Bazrod, Sondra Farrell .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Amazing treasure hunting. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Beach, Edward L. (Captain) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Submarines. [Background]: Author; US Navy submariner (retired). [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Bear, Greg .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Future; science fiction. [Background]: Author; futurist. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Bearden, Tom .. [Site]: [Interests]: Alternate energy technology; antigravity; electronic countermeasures; electronic warfare; EM bioeffects; free energy devices; government secrecy/coverups; mind/matter interaction; overunity electrical machines; paranormal phenomena; parapsychology; psychotronics; scalar electromagnetics; Tesla technology; unified field theory; vacuum engines. [Background]: Akidoist; author; nuclear engineer; president of CTEC; retired military officer. [Publications]: Books; papers; videotapes. [RD:20021010].
Beatty, Bill .. [Site]: Science Hobbyist. [Interests]: Electronics; energy; gravity; inventions; magnetic levitation; science (amateur, demos, education, fairs, museums, toys, unusual, weird); static electricity; Tesla; unusual phenomena. [Publications]: Website. [Related Websites]: [RD:20021010].
Beavon, Don .. [Site]: [Interests]: Mt. Everest. [Background]: Mt. Everest climber. [RD:20021010].
Beck, Martha .. [SIte]: n/a. [Interests]: Birth/re-birth; magic. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Beck, Robert C. (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Alternative health devices; blood cleaner. [Background]: Author; inventor. [Related Websites]:;; (free plans to build blood cleaner devices). [RD:20021010].
Begich, Nicholas J. (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Earth science; government reform; HAARP; health; new technologies. [Background]: Author; lecturer; publisher; tribal administrator (Alaska Native American village). [Publications]: Books. [Related Websites]: (H.A.A.R.P. Home Page). [RD:20021010].
Bell, Art .. [Site]: [Interests]: Alien abductions/implants; Earth changes; health/nutrition (alternative, mainstream); global warming; government coverups/secrecy; haarp project; new age; paranormal; quickening; shortwave radio; time travel; ufos; x-files (real); etc. [Background]: Author. Legendary paranormal night talk show host. Art started a paranormal night talk radio show which became the most popular night show in the world. He hosted the show through the 1990s and into the early 2000s. During this time period, he sustained an exhausting almost 7 seven days a week schedule. Art tried retiring a few times, but loved radio too much. He eventually settled into a show schedule with another radio host, George Noorey. George hosts the weekday shows, while Art hosts the show on the weekends. [Publications]: Books; tapes. [RD:20050115].
Bell, Fred (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: ET science; negative ionization; nuclear receptor; time travel. [Background]: Author. Father of negative ionization. Inventor. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Bell, Michael E. .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: New England vampires. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Belzer, Richard .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Conspiracies. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Benor, Daniel J. (M.D.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Alternative therapies; energy psychotherapy; frontier science; holistic medicine; spiritual healing (scientific study of); subtle energies. [Background]: Author. Wholistic psychiatrist. Editor/publisher of: International Journal of Healing and Caring - On Line ( [RD:20021010].
Berg, Christopher .. [Site]: [Interests]: Artwork (labyrinth, maze). [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Berkland, Jim .. [Site]: [Interests]: Earthquake prediction (based on positions of Earth, moon, sun, and lost pet reports). [Background]: Author, geologist. [Related Websites]: (Earthquakes and Volcanoes). [RD:20021010].
Berliner, Don .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: UFO. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Berlitz, Charles .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Paranormal. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Bielek, Al .. [Site]: [Interests]: Invisibility; Montauk Project; Philadelphia experiment; time travel; USS Eldridge. [Background]: Author. Physicist. Al claims he was aboard the USS Eldridge during Philadelphia experiment in the 1940s. [Publications]: Books; video. [RD:20021010].
Bigelow, Robert .. [Site]: [Interests]: Space. [Related Websites]: [RD:20021010].
Billings, Kurt .. [Site]: [Interests]: Human implants; mind control techniques. [RD:20021010].
Bindernagel, John (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Sasquatch. [Background]: Author; wildlife biologist. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Bird, Christopher .. [Site]: [Interests]: Alternative cancer treatments. Dowsing. Gaston Naessens trial (alternative cancer treatment suppression). Soil and plant life secrets. [Background]: Author (deceased); director. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Bird, Shabari .. [Site]: [Interests]: ongoing support of deceased husband's research (Christopher Bird). [RD:20021010].
Birnes, William J. .. [Site]: [Interests]: Roswell, UFO. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Blackwater, Norman .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Skinwalkers; witchcraft. [Background] Author. [Publications]: Book. [Related Websites]: (Navajo Medicine Woman Site). [RD:20021010].
Blanco, James .. [Site]: [Interests]: Counterfeits; forgeries; fraud (credit card, Internet); identity theft; rip-offs. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Bloom, Howard .. [Site]: [Interests]: Forces of history; mass mind. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Boisselier, Brigiette (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Cloning. [Background]: Director; scientist. [RD:20021010].
Bodine, Echo .. [Site]: [Interests]: Ghosts; healing power; psychic abilities. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Bondeson, Jan .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Live burials: Europe and American hysteria common from late 1700s to early 1900s. Medical curiosities. [Background]: Author; professor (University of Wales College of Medicine). [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Bonewits, Issac .. [Site]: [Interests]: Halloween history/customs; yellow magic; thaumaturgy. [Background]: Author; Druid; Pagan. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Borgenicht, David .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: survival. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Bostrom, Nick (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Transhumanist movement (responsible human use of technology. [Background]: Author; philosopher (Yale University). [Publications]: Book. [Related Websites]: [RD:20021010].
Bowman, Carol .. [Site]: [Interests]: Children's past lives. Reincarnation (same-family). [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Boylan, Richard (Dr.) .. [Site]: Dr. Richard Boylan's Offical Website. [Interests]: Area 51; coverups; disclosure; extraterrestrial contact; secrecy; secret (organizations, spacecraft, space stations, technology, weapons); shadow government; UFOs. [Background]: Author; behavioral scientist; hypnotherapist; university instructor. [Publications]: Books; website. [RD:20021010].
Braden, Gregg .. [Site]: [Interests]: Sacred sites; spiritual philosophy (Essenes, indigenous traditions worldwide). [Background]: Author; Earth scientist; aerospace computer systems designer. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Brailsford, Barry .. [Site]: [Interests]: Great world changes in context of ancient prophecies. [Background]: Archaeologist; author; historian; story teller. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Brandenburg, John .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Death of planets. [Background]: Physicist; planetary scientist. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Braun, Harry .. [Site]: [Interests]: Hydrogen; oil; renewable resources. [Background]: Author; energy analyst; author of Phoenix Project. [Publications]: Books. [Related Websites]: [RD:20021010].
Brin, David .. [Site]: [Interests]: Alternative dispute resolution; astronautics; astronomy; neoteny; science fiction; technology; freedom; privacy. [Background]: Author; novelist; public speaker; scientist. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Brinkley, Dannion .. [Site]: [Interests]: Near death experience; other side. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books; video. [Related Websites]:;; [RD:20021010].
Brody, Brian (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Positive parenting. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Brown, Bob .. [Site]: [Interests]: UFOs. [RD:20021010].
Brown, Courtney .. [Site]: [Interests]: Scientific remote viewing. [Background]: Author; professor. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Brown, Fred .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Serpent handlers. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Brown, Michael .. [Site]: [Interests]: Tesla; lightning to power conversion. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Browne, Harry .. [Site]: [Interests]: Freedom; government problems; liberty. [Background]: Author; USA presidental libertarian candidate. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Browne, Sylvia .. [Site]: [Interests]: Angels; clairvoyance; other side; prophecy; psychic; spirit guides. [Background]: Author; psychic. [Publications]: Books; tapes. [RD:20021010].
Browne-Miller, Angela (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Accepting death; earth changes; new age issues. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Bruce, Robert .. [Site]: [Interests]: Astral projection; aura; human spirituality; metaphysics; out of body experience; psychic self-defense; subtle realms. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Bruner, Randy .. [Site]: 13 Moon Calendar. [Interests]: Dreamspell calendar; Mayan calendar; Moon calendar; RINRI project. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Calendars. [RD:20021010].
Bruns, Roger .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Government handling of major events which almost occurred. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Bryant, Ted (Professor) .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Climatology; geomorphic signatures (tsunamis, climate changes, sea level rises, etc.); global climate change; natural ocean hazards; sea level rise. [Background]: Author; geomorphologist; geographer. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Brynner, Rock .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Thalidomide; thalidomide deformed babies. [Background]: Author; novelist. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Buchanan, Lyn .. [Site]: [Interests]: Controlled remote viewing. [Background]: Author; remote viewer; trainer. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021010].
Buhlman, William .. [Site]: [Interests]: Astral traveling techniques; OBE; out of body experiences. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Bunick, Nick .. [Site]: [Interests]: Angels; miracles. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021010].
Butler, Brad .. [Site]: [Interests]: Flying around the world. [Background]: Private pilot. [RD:20021010].

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