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Section 1.3: C
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1.3   C

Campbell, Glenn .. [Site]: [Interests]: Aliens; Area 51. [Background]: Author; director (Area 51 Research Center). [Publications]: Books; newsletters. [Note]: Area 51 is a top secret military area in Southern Nevada. [RD:20020928].
Carlotto, Mark .. [Site]: [Interests]: Face on Mars; lunar anomalies; Mars archaeology anomalies. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Cathie, Bruce .. [Site]: [Interests]: Earth energy grid; electromagnetic energy; gravity; harmonics; light; unified field. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Connolley, William .. [Site]: [Interests]: Antarctic ice-atmosphere-ocean system; climate modelling. [Background]: Author; climate modeller. [Publications]: Papers. [RD:20020928].
Crunch, Captain .. [Site]: [Interests]: Hacking; firewall intrusion prevention; telephone systems. [Background]: Famous pioneer hacker; built the famous telephone "blue box". [Publications]: Software (firewall intrusion prevention). [Note]: His real name is John Draper. [RD:20020928].

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