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Section 1.4: D
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1.4   D

D'Adamo, Peter .. [Site]: [Interests]: Blood type and food diet relationship. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Dahl, Lynda .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Consciousness. [Background]: Author; co-founder (Seth Network International); computer industry management; lecturer. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Dalzell, George .. [Site]: [Interests]: Voices from other side. [Background]: Author; psychiatric social worker; therapist. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Dames, Ed .. [Site]: Technical Remote Viewing Institute. [Interests]: Technical remote viewing. [Background]: Author; director (Matrix Intelligence Agency); ex-military remote viewer; retired military officer; trainer. [Publications]: Books; courses; videos. [Related Websites]:;; [RD:20020928].
Davenport, Marc .. [Site]: [Interests]: Chupacabras; ET; paranormal mysteries; time travelers; UFO secrets. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Davenport, Peter .. [Site]: National UFO Reporting Center. [Interests]: UFOs. [Background]: Director of National UFO Reporting Center. [RD:20020928].
Davids, Paul .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: UFOs. [Background]: Author; Hollywood (director, producer, writer). [Publications]: Books; movie; video. [Related Websites]: (column, Flying Saucers over Hollywood). [Note]: Best remembered as co-writer and executive producer of the UFO film: Roswell (nominated for Golden Globe Award as best 1994 TV movie). [RD:20020928].
Davin, Eric Leif (Dr.) .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Conversations with science fiction writers; science fiction. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Davis, Jim .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Near death experience. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Davis, Vance .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Gulf Breeze UFOs. [Background]: Author; NSA analyst (former). [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Davis, Wade (Dr.) .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Serpents; voodooism; zombies. [Background]: Author; ethnobotanist. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Day, Lorraine (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: AIDS coverup; alternative health therapies; natural cancer cure. [Background]: Author; cancer survivor; medical doctor. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Dean, Robert O. .. [Site]: [Interests]: UFO. [Background]: Retired military officer. [RD:20020928].
DeAngelo, Rio .. [Site]: [Interests]: Heaven's Gate. [Background]: Member of Heaven's Gate group. [RD:20020928].
DeGraff, David (Dr.) .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Asteroid properties; astronomy; extra-solar planets; living in space; physics; science in science fiction; time travel; visions of future. [Background]: Teacher (Alfred University, New York). [RD:20020928].
Delgado, James P. .. [Site]: [Interests]: Famous shipwrecks; Mary Celeste ship; shipwreck expeditions; Titanic dives; warships. [Background]: Author; director (Vancouver Maritime Museum); host (National Geographic TV, Sea Hunters). [Publications]: Books; documentaries (Discovery and History TV channels). [RD:20020928].
DeLong, Candice .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: FBI cases; gangsters; profiling; terrorists; undercover. [Background]: Author; FBI field profiler. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Dennis, Caryl .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Millenium children. [RD:20020928].
Densham, Pen and Mark Stern .. [Site]: [Interests]: Outer Limits TV series; paranormal. [Background]: TV Producers (The Outer Limits TV series). [RD:20020928].
de Salvo, John .. [Site]: [Interests]: Egypt pyramids. [Background]: Director (Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association). [RD:20020928].
DeSciose, Gail .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Animal communication. [Background]: Animal communicator. [RD:20020928].
Deyo, Stan .. [Site]: Noah's Ark. [Interests]: Armageddon; conspiracy; cosmic conspiracy; disaster; preparedness; prophecy; self-reliance; vindicator scrolls. [Background]: Author; black project member (flying saucer technology, headed by Dr. Edward Teller); FBI undercover; security clearance (above Top Secret). [Publications]: Books; websites. [RD:20020928].
Dilettoso, Jim .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Shroud of Turin; UFO image analysis; UFO images (Phoenix lights, March 13, 1997). [Background]: Bio-medical engineer; image processing engineer; Shroud of Turin (JPL project); UFO photo case testing. [RD:20020928].
DiEugenio, Jim .. [Site]: [Interests]: 1960s assassinations (John and BNobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, etc.); contemporary American History; Garrison case; JFK case. [Background]: Editor/publisher (Probe Magazine). [RD:20020928].
Dickinson, Terence .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Astronomy; big bang; moons; night sky (photographing); planets; triangles; triangular objects; universe; universe viewing. [Background]: Astronomy correspondent; author. [Publications]: Books. [Related Websites]: [RD:20020928].
DiPietro, Vince .. [Site]: [Interests]: Mars image enhancement. [Background]: Author; engineer. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Dolan, Richard .. [Site]: [Interests]: National security state; UFO. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Donaldson, William (Commander) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Naval crash investigation; TWA Flight 800 investigation (NTSB conclusion not credible). [Background]: Naval crash investigator; retired military officer. [Related Websites]: (Associated Retired Aviation Professionals); (Donaldson File). [RD:20020928].
Doran, Brian .. [Site]: [Interests]: Father Malachi Martin. [Background]: Radio program host. [Publications]: Audio tape. [RD:20020928].
Dossey, Larry (Dr., M.D.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Healing power of words; mind-body; mind healing (non-local); prayer and illness; soul. [Background]: Author; medical doctor. [Publications]: Books; website. [RD:20020928].
Douglas, Karen .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Crop circles. [RD:20020928].
Draper, John .. See Captain Crunch. [RD:20020928].
Drudge, Matt Drudge .. [Site]: [Interests]: Breaking news. [Background]: Investigative reporter; runs popular news summary website. [Publications]: Website. [RD:20020928].
Druffel, Ann .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Alien abduction; past lives; psychic. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Dunham, Roger C. .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Secret submarine missions; spy submarines. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20020928].
Dunn, Christopher .. [Site]: [Interests]: Eqyptian pyramid construction; pyramid power plant. [Background]: Author; speaker. [Publications]: Books. [Related Websites]: [RD:20020928].
Duran, Krsanna .. [Site]: Timestar Earth. [Interests]: Angels; crop circles; Earth changes; ET; Native American calendar; new age issues; predictions; time travel. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Durda, Daniel David (Ph.D.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Asteroids; space art. [Background]: Author; planetary scientist. [Publications]: Exhibits (art); presentations; scientific. [RD:20020928].

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