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Section 1.6: F
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1.6   F

Fairechild, Diana .. [Site]: Healthy Flying. [Interests]: Air safety. Air travel dangers: air rage, deep vein thrombosis, fear of flying, health problems, pesticide spraying of passengers, recycled air, toxins. Aviation health/safety analyst. [Background]: Author; former airline employee. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Fish, Leroy (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Bigfoot. [Background]: Member of Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Expedition. [Related Websites]: [See Also]: Greg Bambenek; Matt Moneymaker. [RD:20020928].
Fowler, Raymond E. .. [Site]: [Interests]: ET; UFO; UFO abduction. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Flem-Ath, Rand and Rose .. [Site]: [Interests]: Antarctic ice sheet; Atlantis (blueprint, Eqyptian map of, on Antarctic continent); cocaine mummies; displacements (Earth crust, mantle); Einstein-Hapgood correspondence; Giza prime meridian; ice core dating errors; lost civilization; lost islands; sun-deluge myths; Thoth holy chamber. [Background]: Authors; Canadian librarians. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].
Friedman, Stanton .. [Site]: [Interests]: Government coverups (UFO, other); UFOs; conspiracies. [Background]: Author; nuclear physicist. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20020928].

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