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Section 1.8: H
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1.8   H

Haaland, John (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Psychokenesis; remote perception. [RD20020928].
Hale, Alan .. [Site]: [Interests]: Astronomy; Hale-Bopp comet (co-discovered); space science. [Background]: Astronomer; founder (SW Institute of Space Research). [Publications]: Articles (science); book; papers (scientific); newspaper column (astronomy, space). [RD20020928].
Hambone, Doc .. [Site]: Doc Hambone's Anathema Research. [Interests]: Conspiracies; fringe culture; mind control; paranormal; para political; remote viewing; science. [Background]: Author; director (research). [Publications]: Website. [RD20020928].
Hamilton, Bill .. [Site]: [Interests]: Aliens; UFOs; mysteries. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD20020928].
Hancock, Graham .. [Site]: [Interests]: Eqypt (artifacts, history). [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD20020928].
Harner, Michael .. [Site]: Foundation For Shamanic Studies. [Interests]: Anthropology; shamanism. [Background]: Anthropologist; teacher; trainer. [Publications]: Books; training programs. [Note]: Founder of Shamanic Studies Foundation. [RD20020928].
Hayakawa, Norio .. [Site]: Civilian Intelligence Network. [Interests]: Area 51; black budgets; government oversight; new world order; shadow government. [Background]: Director (Citizens Committee on Government Oversight); investigator; mentor. [Publications]: Website. [RD20020928].
Hoag, Phillip .. [Site]: [Interests]: Doomsday; preparedness; Russia; self-reliance; survival; underground shelter; war/threats; world war 3. [Background]: Author; survivalist. [Publications]: Books; website. [RD20020928].
Hoaglund, Richard .. [Site]: Enterprise Mission. [Interests]: Alternative energy. Artifacts: Alien. Disclosure: Alien, UFO. ET. Government secrecy/coverups. NASA space data suppression. Mars: anomalies of, Cydonia on, face on. Moon: artifical structures on, dark side of. Planetary anomalies. Shadow government. [Background]: Author; CBS New science advisor (former); Enterprise Mission website (founder). [Publications]: Books; videos; websites. [RD20020928].
Hogue, John .. [Site]: [Interests]: Mysticism; Nostradamus; occult; parapsychology; prophecy. [Background]: Author; Nostradamus researcher (considered one of the foremost authorities)). [Publications]: Books. [RD20020928].
Holloway, Gillian (Ph.D.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Dream interpretation; dreams. [Background]: Dream psychologist. [RD20020928].
Hopkins, Bud .. [Site]: [Interests]: Alien abductions; founder (Intruder's Foundation). [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [Related Websites]: (Interview). [RD20020928].
Howe, Linda Moulton .. [Site]: [Interests]: Alien abductions; alternative (energy, health); mutilations (animal, cattle); crop circles; earth changes; environmental destruction; science; UFOs; x-files. [Background]: Author; Miss Idaho (former); producer (TV documentary); reporter. [Publications]: Books; reports; TV documentaries; videos; website. [RD20020928].
Horowitz, Lynn .. [Site]: Tetrahedron. [Interests]: AIDS; alternative health; Anthrax; bioweapons; conspiracies; coverups (AIDS, Anthrax, bioweapon, globalism, government, health, vaccine); Ebola; emerging diseases; toxins; vaccines; viruses; West Nile virus. [Background]: Author; educator; health researcher; director (Tetrahedron); speaker. [Publications]: Books; website. [RD20020928].
Hulse, Virgil .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Bovine AIDS; bovine leukemia virus; bovine growth hormone; BSE; Crohn's disease; E. coli; health hazards in beef/dairy supplies; mad cow disease; prions; Salmonella; spongiform encephalopathies (USA). [Background]: Author; cancer epidemologist; dairy scientist; doctor; expert witness (Oprah lawsuit, attended 10 days); food science; preventative medicine; public health. [Publications]: Book. [Related Websites]:;; [RD20020928].
Hurtak, James (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Consciousness (higher); knowledge; science (future). [Background]: Author; founder (Academy for Future Science). [Publications]: Book. [RD20020928].

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