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Working At Home .. is a rapidly-growing phenomenon
fueled by an economic slowdown,
by age and race discrimination,
by company downsizing, mergers, layoffs, and bankruptcies,
by the myth of job security working for others,
by a desire for more life at home and less life on the road,
by the September 11, 2001 disaster,
and by the self-empowerment of the Internet.

Working At Home .. is suffering greatly
from a tarnished image,
fueled by an endless parade of con men,
working their trade in the online and offline worlds,
using misleading information and nonsense - ad nauseum,
preying on those with work and money problems,
for one purpose only - money.

And yet ..

Working At Home .. is a monumental success story
practiced daily by millions of hard-working people
who work: at home -or- from home.

Working At Home .. professions include:
animal trainers, automotive customizers, automotive repairmen,
beauticians, bookeepers, cake decorators, caregivers, caterers,
chimney sweeps, customer service representatives, day care nursery operators,
electricians, errand runners,
farmers, freelance IT professionals, fruit growers,
glass-windshields replacers, handymen, home remodelers, house cleaners,
landscapers, lawn movers, legal secretaries, local sub-contractors,
manicurists, medical transcriptionists, mobile oil changers,
painters, pet/house sitters, plumbers, rain gutter cleaners, seamstresses,
tailors, travel agents, tutors, web page designers, wine growers, writers, etc.
The list is endless.
The opportunities are all around you.

Working At Home .. is best achieved
by getting street-smart,
using common sense,
learning how to stop getting conned,
studying the work-at-home industry,
reviewing local and online success stories,
evaluating your personality, interests, and skills,
researching, investigating, and evaluating desirable opportunities,
then making an informed decision.

The Work-At-Home Reference Desk
was created
to help self-directed individuals
achieve self-employment sovereignty - locally or online.

Proceed carefully with an open mind ...

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