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A collection ..
of alternative and unconventional news sources.

You'll encounter ..
controversy, disinformation, facts, obstacles to the truth, and challenges to your belief systems.

You'll also encounter
clarity, common sense, education, facts, insight, revelations, truth,
and a breath of fresh air.

No one said the road to enlightenment was easy.

Consider the words of Albert Einstein ..
"Great Spirits - have always encountered - violent opposition - from mediocre minds."
"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science."
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Proceed with an open mind ...

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news (activist) .. [Site]: Activist Reference Desk. [Details]: Activist portal. [RD:20021012].
news (Afghanistan) .. [Site]: Afghanistan Reference Desk. [Details]: Afghanistan portal. [RD:20041219].
news (Anthrax) .. [Site]: Anthrax Reference Desk. [Details]: Anthrax portal. [RD:20041219].
news (Armageddon) .. [Site]: Armageddon Reference Desk. [Details]: Armageddon portal. [RD:20041219].

news (biblical) .. [Site]: [Details]: Bible studies, information portal. [RD:20021012].
news (breaking) .. [Site]: Drudge Report. [Details]: Popular breaking news site; extensive collection of new sources. [RD:20021012].
news (breaking - international) .. [Site]: [Details]: Breaking international news portal; links. [RD:20021012].

news (clean air) .. [Site]: I want Clean Air News Service. [Details]: Air-related news. [RD:20021012].
news (climate change) .. [Site]: Climate Ark. [Details]: Suggested climate change news sources. [RD:20021012].
news (climate change) .. [Site]: Forest Conservation Portal. [Details]: Current climate change news. [RD:20021012].
news (conspiracy) .. [Site]: Conspiracy Reference Desk. [Details]: Conspiracy portal; the dark secrets of humanity. [RD:20021012].
news (crime, justice, safety) .. [Site]: [Details]: Crime, justice, safety news. [RD:20021012].

news (disinformation) .. [Site]: [Details]: Disinformation portal; news, articles, related. [RD:20021012].
news (doomsday clock) .. [Site]: Clock Reference Desk. [Details]: Clock monitoring resources. [RD:20041219].

news (emergency, preparedness) .. [Site]: Emergency-Preparedness Reference Desk. [Details]: Emergency, preparedness, disaster portal. [RD:20021012].
news (environment) .. [Site]: Eco-Portal. [Details]: Latest environmental news. [RD:20021012].
news (environment) .. [Site]: Environment Reference Desk. [Details]: Environment portal. [RD:20021012].

news (free press) .. [Site]: WorldNetDaily. [Details]: Free press for a free people. [RD:20021012].
news (funny, interesting, wierd) .. [Site]: WhiteBoard News. [Details]: Funny, interesting, wierd news stories; derived from regular news sources. [RD:20021012].

news (global politics, war) .. [Site]: [Details]: Global politics, war, related news. [RD:20021012].

news (headline - updated every 15 minutes) .. [Site]: [Details]: Headline news every 15 minutes. [RD:20021012].

news (information warfare) .. [Site]: Terrorism Research Center. [Details]: Information warfare news. [RD:20021012].
news (insight - political, social) .. [Site]: The Nation. [Details]: Not afraid to cover controversial topics. [RD:20021012].
news (Islam and the West) .. [Site]: Guardian Unlimited Observer. [Details]: Islam and the West news; good coverage; popular England news site. [RD:20021012].




news (mainstream - BBC) .. [Site]: BBC News Online. [Details]: Popular England news site. [RD:20021012].
news (mainstream - Independent News) .. [Site]: Independent News. [Details]: Popular England news site. [RD:20021012].

news .. [Site]: 24/7 News Net. [Details]: Diversity of topics, prophecy, etc.. [RD:20021012].
news .. [Site]: 2KJ.COM. [Details]: Daily Revolution; mainstream and alternative news; extensive resources. [RD:20021012].
news .. [Site]: Coast To Coast AM Web Site. [Details]: Site of world famous night talk show Coast to Coast AM. Hosts include: George Noorey (weekdays), Art Bell (weekends), Hilly Rose (fill in), Barbara Simpson (fill in). [Topics]: alien abductions and implants; ancient civilizations; Armageddon; asteroids; cattle mutilations; chupacabras; conspiracies; controversies; cover ups; crytozoology; diseases (Mad cow, AIDS, etc.); earth changes; environment; evp; ghosts; government (coverups, secrecy); health/nutrition (alternative, mainstream); mysteries; near death experience; news (suppressed, unreported); Nostradamus; one world government; paranormal; prophecy; pyramids; quickening; remote viewing; researchers; secrecy; secret societies; shortwave radio; solar system mysteries (Mars, Moon, Saturn, etc.); time travel; unusual; x-files (real); etc. [RD:20050122].
news .. [Site]: Earthfiles. [Details]: Linda Moulton Howe's site. Linda provides her own unique slant on various subjects. She is a regular guest on the late night radio talk show Coast to Coast AM with hosts George Noorey and Art Bell. Valuable. [Topics]: cattle mutilations, chupacabras, coverups, crop circles, environment, headline, medicine, paranormal, science, secret technologies, real x-files, ufos, etc.. [RD:20041220].
news (Nostradamus) .. [Site]: Nostradamus Reference Desk. [Details]: Nostradamus portal. [RD:20021012].


news (positive) .. [Site]: Positive Press. [Details]: Positive, inspirational, good news. [RD:20021012].
news (prophecy) .. [Site]: Prophecy Reference Desk. [Details]: Prophecy portal. [RD:20021012].


news (remote viewing) .. [Site]: Remote Viewing Reference Desk. [Details]: Remote viewing portal. [RD:20021012].

news (science of) .. [Site]: The Why Files. [Details]: Science behind the news. [RD:20021012].
news (science, supernatrual) .. [Site]: The Cydonia Files. [Details]: Daily journal of science and supernatural; Christian viewpoint. [RD:20021012].
news (skeptic) .. [Site]: [Details]: News and resources for skeptics. [RD:20021012].
news (space) .. [Site]: SpaceDaily.Com. [Details]: Space news. [RD:20021012].

news (technology) .. [Site]: Common Sense Technology. [Details]: Common sense views on technology, news, related. [RD:20021012].
news (terrorism) .. [Site]: Terrorism Reference Desk. [Details]: Terrorism portal. [RD:20021012].
news (terrorism) .. [Site]: Terrorism Research Center. [Details]: Terrorism; infrastructure protections; information warfare news. [RD:20021012].

news (UFO) .. [Site]: Filers Research Institute. [Details]: UFO information center; news. [RD:20021012].

news (vaccine) .. [Site]: NVIC Website. [Details]: Vaccine news of the week. [RD:20021012].
news (vaccine) .. [Site]: Vaccine Reference Desk. [Details]: Vaccine portal. [RD:20021012].

news (war in Afghanistan) .. [Site]: Guardian Unlimited Observer. [Details]: War on Afghanistan news; good coverage; popular England news site. [RD:20021012].
news (war on terrorism) .. [Site]: Guardian Unlimited Observer. [Details]: Special coverage of war on terrorism; afghanistan news; etc. [RD:20021012].
news (weapons - biological, chemical) .. [Site]: Biological-Chemical Weapons Reference Desk. [Details]: Biological, chemical weapons portal. [RD:20021012].
news (weird) .. [Site]: News of The Weird. [Details]: Weird news stories. [RD:20021012].
news (world war 3) .. [Site]: World War 3 Reference Desk. [Details]: World war 3 portal. [RD:20021012].




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[1][Information Organization]: Section 1 contains a collection of alternative news resources, organized alphabetically. Each entry is organized into a general format. Format details can be found in the Mine Specifications.
[2][Link Submission]: See Mine Links
[3][General News Sites]: There are many websites which cover a broad variety of alternative news topics. They have been grouped under the simple heading: news.

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