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A compelling necessity,
due largely to the invasion of humanity on Mother Earth,
out of touch with enlightened living.

An unrelenting assault upon the environment,
air, water, soil, plants, habitat, and life.

Landfills running out of space.
Mountains of garbage.
Vast oceans polluted.
Habitats under assault and destroyed.
Immense concrete jungles.
Water unfit to drink or swim in.
Foods that kill.
Air that sickens.
Lifestyles hastening a massive environmental train wreck.

Without recycling,
endless and ever-increasing quantities of man-made invaders,
many dangerous, toxic, and deadly,
will ultimately destroy the environment upon which all life depends.

The laundry list
of man-made invaders is endless ..

Air pollutants ..
acid rain, carbon monoxide, chemicals,
chemtrails, human diseases, nitrous oxides, ozone, radiation, smog, etc.

Water pollutants ..
antifreeze, fertilizers, fungicides-herbicides-pesticides, hazardous substances,
human diseases, household chemicals, industrial chemicals, garbage, heavy metals, medicines,
motor oil, petroleum products, radioactive wastes, sewer, etc.

Soil pollutants ..
water pollutants, biological contaminants/invaders, genetic mistakes,
hazardous wastes, industrial discharges, land fills (garbage dumps), soil killers, etc.

The Recycling Reference Desk
is dedicated to those - who understand, and practice recycling,
acting as models for change,
living in harmony with the environment,
and pursuing the only course of action .......... Zero Waste.


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database (products - recycled) .. [Site]: Recycled Commodities. [Details]: National Association of State Purchasing Officials. Free recycled product information. [RD:20021012].

environment, recycling .. [Recycling Advocates] - environmental, recycling, related resources; 56.002
environment, recycling .. [Site]: WWW Waste Index. [Details]: Environmental, recycling, related resources. Very extensive list. [RD:20021012].

guide (recycling) .. [Site]: World's Shortest Comprehensive Recycling Guide. [Details]: Good recycling educational resource. [RD:20021012].
guide (recycling) .. [Site]: The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide. [Details]: Comprehensive recycling information for regular folks. [RD:20021012].

magazine (recycling) .. [Site]: Journal of Composting & Organics Recycling. [Details]: Organics recycling, related. [RD:20021012].
magazine (recycling) .. [Site]: Recycling World. [Details]: UK recycling magazine. Extensive recycling reources. [RD:20021012].
magazine (recycling) .. [Site]: Resource Recycling Journal. [Details]: Composting, recycling, related. North American oriented. [RD:20021012].

organization (America Recycles Day) .. [Site]: [Details]: Recycling. [RD:20021012].
organization (Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association) .. [Site]: [Details]: Asphalt recycling. [RD:20021012].
organization (Community Recycling Network) .. [Site]: [Details]: Community waste management. UK oriented. [RD:20021012].
organization (Container Recycling Institute) .. [Site]: [Details]: Container recycling. [RD:20021012].
organization (EPA) .. [Site]: EPA, Jobs Through Recycling. [Details]: Recycling market development information. [RD:20021012].
organization (Grass Roots Recycling Network] .. [Site]: [Details]: Recycling. [RD:20021012].
organization (Industry Council For Electronic Equipment Recycling) .. [Site]: [Details]: Electronic equipment recycling. [RD:20021012].
organization (National Recycling Coalition) .. [Site]: [Details]: Non-profit organization representing diverse interests of recycling community. Resources. [RD:20021012].
organization (Northeast Recycling Council) .. [Site]: NERC. [Details]: Northeast USA. Ten state cooperative. [RD:20021012].
organization (OFEE) .. [Site]: ofee.gove. [Details]: Environmental stewardship in federal government. [RD:20021012].
organization (Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation) .. [Site]: [Details]: Non-profit organization. Portable rechargeable batteries recycling. [RD:20021012].
organization (Recycling Advocates) .. [Site]: [Details]: Oregon-based recycling organization. [RD:20021012].
organization (Steel Recycling Institute) .. [Site]: [Details]: Steel industry association promoting steel recycling. [RD:20021012].
organizations (UK Recycling Associations) .. [Site]: [Details]: Business recyclers. Extensive list. UK oriented. [RD:20021012].

prices (product - recycled) .. [Site]: Recycling Manager. [Details]: Truckload quantity prices. [RD:20021012].

recycling .. [Site]: Environmental Organization WebDirectory. [Details]: Recycling portal. Extensive resources. [RD:20021012].
recycling .. [Site]: EPA. [Details]: EPA and non-EPA recycling portal. [RD:20021012].
recycling .. [Site]: Global Recycling Network. [Details]: Global recycling portal. Extensive resources. [RD:20021012].
recycling .. [Site]: NRC Resources for Recyclers. [Details]: Recycling portal. [RD:20021012].
recycling .. [Site]: Open Directory Project. [Details]: Recycling portal. [RD:20021012].
recycling .. [Site]: Planet Ark Recycling Report. [Details]: Recycling portal. [RD:20021012].
recycling .. [Site]: Recycling Links, reSource. [Details]: Recycling portal. [RD:20021012].
recycling .. [Site]: reSource. [Details]: Recycling, conservation, education portal. [RD:20021012].
recycling .. [Site]: solcomhouse: Reycling. [Details]: Recycling portal. Good recycling background and statistic information. [RD:20021012].
recycling .. [Site]: Yahoo Recycling. [Details]: Recycling portal. [RD:20021012].
recycling (asphalt) .. See organization (Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association). [RD:20021012].
recycling (beverage container - California) .. [Site]: Beverage Container Recycling. [Details]: California beverage container recycling. [RD:20021012].
recycling (bottle) .. [Site]: Bottle Bill Resource Guide. [Details]: Deposit container resources. [RD:20021012].
recycling (carbide) .. [Site]: Carbide Recycling Company. [Details]: Scrap carbide metals recycling. [RD:20021012].
recycling (computer) .. [Site]: Computer Recycling Center. [Details]: Computer recycling, education. [RD:20021012].
recycling (computer) .. [Site]: Hopi Information Network. [Details]: Non-profit computer recycling. [RD:20021012].
recycling (computer) .. [Site]: PEP National Directory of Computer Recycling Programs. [Details]: Computer recycling. [RD:20021012].
recycling (container) .. See organization (Container Recycling Institute). [RD:20021012].
recycling (electronics) .. [Site]: National Recycling Coalition. [Details]: Electronics recycling initative. [RD:20021012].
recycling (equipment - electronic) .. See organization (Industry Council For Electronic Equipment Recycling). [RD:20021012].
recycling (European) .. [Site]: European Recycling and the Environment. [Details]: European recycling. [RD:20021012].
recycling (mobile phone) .. [Site]: Mobile Phone Industry Recycling Program. [Details]: Mobile phone recycling. [RD:20021012].
recycling (motor oil - used) .. [Site]: API Used Motor Oil Collection and Recycling. [Details]: Used motor oil collection and recycling. [RD:20021012].
recycling (organic) .. [Site]: Organic Recycling For United Kingdom. [Details]: Organic recycling. UK oriented. [RD:20021012].
recycling (radioactive) .. [Site]: [Details]: Radioactive recycling. [RD:20021012].
recycling (rechargeable battery) .. See organization (Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. [RD:20021012].
recycling (resource) .. [Site]: Resource Recycling. [Details]: Resource recycling. Extensive resources. [RD:20021012].
recycling (spam) .. [Site]: Spam Recycling Center. [Details]: spam recycling. [RD:20021012].
recycling (statistics on, information on) .. [Site]: USGS Minerals Information Recycling. [Details]: Recycling information and statistics. [RD:20021012].
recycling (steel) .. See organization (Steel Recycling Institute); 56.052
recycling (wood) .. [Site]: AF&PA Wood Recycling. [Details]: Wood recycling. [RD:20021012].
recycling centers .. [Site]: Earth 911. [Details]: Recycling centers, recyling and related resources. [RD:20021012].
recycling signs (downloadable - free) .. [Site]: Standard Recycling Signs]: Free downloadable recycling bin signs. [RD:20021012].

solid waste (municipal) .. [Site]: Municipal Solid Waste. [Details]: Solid waster management. EPA site. [RD:20021012].
solid waste .. [Site]: Wastewise. [Details]: Solid waste reduction. EPA sponsored program. [RD:20021012].

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