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Common Sense.

Some folks have it.
Some don't.

Without it,
you'll fall prey
to endless variations of the popular quote:
A fool and his money are soon parted.
A fool and his happiness, health, life, livelihood, relationships, safety, etc., are soon parted.

Common sense
gives you a weapon, an edge, a means to protect yourself
from endless problems and dangers,
lurking around every corner.

They include ..
brainwashing, con games, dangerous substances, danger zones, disinformation,
false promises, getting in over your head, head games, schemes,
so-called bargains, swindles, the fine print,
and so on .. ad nauseum.

If you choose
to remain blase or naive about common sense,
sooner or later
you will become just another victim statistic,

The Common Sense Reference Desk
was created
to give self-directed individuals
the tools and knowledge
necessary to win the battles they will inevitably face
every day of their lives ...


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The following entries contain information and resources, on their respective subjects, from a common sense perspective.

automobiles (carjacking of) .. [Site]: Carjacking. [Details]: Automotive carjacking. [RD:20021112].
automobiles (theft of) .. [Site]: Auto Theft. [Details]: Automotive theft. [RD:20021112].
automobiles (theft of) .. [Site]: Google Directory. [Details]: Auto theft portal; extensive resources. [RD:20021112].

care (pet) .. [Site]: Common Sense Health Care For Dogs and Cats. [Details]: For Dogs and Cats: practical dental care, general care and training, emergencies, etc.. [RD:20021112].
care (squirrel) .. [Site]: Common Sense Squirrel Tips. [Details]: Squirrel care; first aid; handling. [RD:20021112].
care (turtle) .. [Site]: Shell Shock. [Details]: Turtle care. [RD:20021112].
carpet, rug .. [Site]: Carpet and Rug Institute. [Details]: Carpet and rug care; cleaners; cleaning; installation; selection. [RD:20021112].
chartering (bus) .. [Site]: PCC: 20 Consumer Protection Tips. [Details]: Chartering a bus. [RD:20021112].
children (drug-free - raising) .. [Site]: National PTA: Common Sense. [Details]: Strategies for raising drug-free children. [RD:20021112].
common sense .. [Site]: Absolute Common Sense. [Details]: Common sense comment on conventional wisdom; libertarian perspective; Africa oriented. [RD:20021112].
common sense .. [Site]: Common Sense and Wonder. [Details]: Light-hearted and satirical look at common sense, related; resources. [RD:20021112].
common sense .. [Site]: First Church of Common Sense. [Details]: Organization of freethinkers from diverse backgrounds with common goals and a shared vision of a sustainable future for planet Earth, and ending the destructive cycle of abuse wrought by humanity. [RD:20021112].
computer .. [Site]: Open Mind Commonsense. [Details]: Collecting common sense information for computers; home of Open Mind Common Sense Project. [RD:20021112].
consumer .. [Site]: Consumer Portal - Tips, Resources, Advocacy. [Details]: Consumer advice; advocacy; alerts; resources; tips. [RD:20021112].

diet .. [Site]: The Common Sense Diet. [Details]: Extensive background and instructions on common sense dieting. [RD:20021112].
discrimination (work) .. [Site]: Common Sense Tips. [Details]: Work discrimination. [RD:20021112].
drug policy .. [Site]: Common Sense for Drug Policy. [Details]: Drug policy reform; drug war facts, news; related resources. [RD:20021112].
drug policy, drug war .. [Site]: Drug Sense. [Details]: Drug policy and war reform; drug war facts, news; related resources. [RD:20021112].

email (controlling) .. [Site]: ZDNet: Story: End Inbox Blues. [Details]: Controlling email. [RD:20021112].
encyclopedia (parenting) .. [Site]: Parent's Common Sense Encyclopedia. [Details]: Parenting; developed by pediatrician; excellent resource. [RD:20021112].
environment .. [Site]: The Common Sense Environmentalist's Suite. [Details]: Sound science; market-based environmental protection; research and commentary; derived from advocacy groups, think tanks; related resources. [RD:20021112].

guide (dog owner's) .. [Site]: Dog Owner's Guide. [Details]: Extensive collection of articles on diverse dog topics. [RD:20021112].
guides (survival) .. [Site]: Common Sense Survival Guides. [Details]: Brief free common sense guides; diverse range of survival subjects. [RD:20021112].

health information (online - searching for) .. [Site]: The Ferguson Report: Consumer Guidelines. [Details]: Searching for online health information. [RD:20021112].

inventions (promotion of) .. [Site]: Inventors Assistance League. [Details]: Invention promotion. [RD:20021112].

judicial, legal .. [Site]: Common Sense Justice. [Details]: South Dakota legal reform advocacy. [Issues]: Amendment A; bad laws; eliminating excessive laws; excessive harmless people imprisoned; right to argue law issues (flawed, misapplied, too harsh, etc.. [Note]: Amendment A is considered one of the most important initiatives in the history of this country (according to California legal professional observers). [RD:20021112].

lava (viewing) .. [Site]: USGS: Science For A Changing World. [Details]: Viewing Kileaua Volcano safely. [RD:20021112].

mental health information, privacy .. [Site]: APA DotComSense. [Details]: Protecting your privacy; assessing credibility and accuracy of online mental health information; developed by American Psychological Association. [RD:20021112].
mildew, mold .. [Site]: Florida Home Mold and Mildew Guide For Consumers. [Details]: Home mold and mildew; illustrated guide; Florida oriented. [RD:20021112].
mold .. [Site]: A Brief Guide To Mold Moisture And Your Home. [Details]: Residential mold; problems; prevention; guide for homeowners and renters. [RD:20021112].
multilevel marketing plans .. [Site]: The Bottom Line About Multilevel Marketing Plans. [Details]: Multilevel marketing plans. [RD:20021112].

pamphlet (common sense) .. [Site]: Great Books Online. [Citation]: Paine, Thomas. Common Sense (Pamphlet). W. and T. Bradford, Philadelphia. 1776. [Abstract]: Highly successful pamphlet. Thomas Paine argued the American colonies had outgrown the need for English domination and should become independent. [Note]: John Adams (2nd President of USA) described Paine's amazingly effective pamphlet as: "a great deal of sense delivered in clear, simple, concise, and nervous style". [RD:20021112].
parenting .. [Site]: [Details]: Parenting issues. [RD:20021112].
planning .. [Site]: Common Sense. [Details]: Collection of essays on: citizen involvement, development, environment, land use planning, no growth, etc.; by Richard H. Carson; common sense perspective. [RD:20021112].
preparedness .. [Site]: TIME/ON Magazine: The Unhysterical Guide To Staying Safe. [Details]: Guide; personal threats and precautions; post September 11th oriented. [RD:20021112].
preparedness, safety .. [Site]: Boston Globe: A Common-sense Guide To Keeping Safe. [Details]: Preparedness; safety. [RD:20021112].
privacy (online - protecting) .. [Site]: Protecting Your Privacy. [Details]: Protecting your privacy online. [RD:20021112].
privacy (online - protecting) .. [Site]: TRUSTe, Consumer Education. [Details]: Protecting online privacy. [RD:20021112].
problems (environmental) .. [Site]: Enviro$en$e: Common Sense Solutions To Environmental Problems. [Details]: Pollution prevention, compliance, and enforcement information. [RD:20021112].
public interest .. [Site]: [Details]: Public interest journal inspired by the great patriot Thomas Paine, author of: Common Sense and The Rights of Man. [RD:20021112].

quotes .. [Site]: The Foundation For A Better Life. [Details]: Common sense quotes; inspirational stories. [RD:20021112].

reasoning .. [Site]: Common Sense Problem Page. [Details]: Logical formalizations of common sense reasoning; researcher oriented. [RD:20021112].

safety (ATM) .. [Site]: Consumer Connection: ABA Education Foundation. [Details]: ATM safety. [RD:20021112].
safety (driving) .. [Site]: Common Sense: University of Chicago. [Details]: Driving safety. [RD:20021112].
safety (holiday) .. [Site]: Agricultural Experiment Station. [Details]: Holiday safety tips. [RD:20021112].
safety (Internet) .. [Site]: CyberAngels. [Details]: Internet safety organization since 1995; common sense tips; related. [RD:20021112].
safety (online - shopping) .. [Site]: Better Business Bureau. [Details]: Online shopping safety. [RD:20021112].
safety (phone use and driving) .. [Site]: CTIA. [Details]: Cellular phone use while driving a vehicle. [RD:20021112].
selection (contractor) .. [Site]: Consumer Beware. [Details]: Choosing a contractor. [RD:20021112].
sleep (getting) .. [Site]: Pacific Sleep Medicine Services. [Details]: How to get a good night's rest. [RD:20021112].

technology .. [Site]: Common Sense Technology. [Details]: Common sense views on technology; 58.042
traveling (overseas) .. [Site]: A Safe Trip Abroad. [Details]: Traveling outside the USA. [RD:20021112].

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Douglas Adams
"The last time anybody made a list of the top hundred character attributes of New Yorkers, common sense snuck in at number 79."

Matthew Arnold
Author, God and the Bible, 1875
"The freethinking of one age is the common sense of the next."


Yogi Berra
Famous Baseball Player
"You can observe a lot by watching."

Indian Mystic, Founder of Buddhism (563? - 483? BC)
"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."


Dale Carnegie
"Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain -- and most fools do."

Lord Chesterfield
(1694 - 1773)
"Common sense is the best sense I know of."

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
English Poet, Critic (1772 - 1834)
"Common sense in an uncommon degree, and is what the world calls wisdom."


René Descartes
French Mathematician, Philosopher (1596 - 1650)
"Nothing is more fairly distributed than common sense - no one needs more of it than one already has!"

William Orville Douglas
American Jurist, USA Supreme Court Associate Justice (1898 - 1980)
"Common sense often makes good law."


Albert Einstein
World Famous German-born American Theoretical Physicist, Philosopher (1875 - 1955)
"Common sense is that layer of prejudices which we acquire before we are sixteen."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Famous American Author (1803 - 1882)
"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing."


Victor Hugo
French Dramatist, Poet, Writer, (1802 - 1885)
"Common sense is in spite of, not the result of, education."

Thomas Henry Huxley
British Biologist (1825 - 1895)
"Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense."


Clive James
"Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing."


John Maynard Keynes
"When somebody persuades me that I am wrong, I change my mind. What do you do?"

Rudyard Kipling
"Common sense is very uncommon. Common sense is in spite of, not as a result of education. Common sense is instinct, and enough is genius. Nothing is more fairly distributed than common sense: no one thinks he need more of it than he already has. Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done."


Henry Louis Mencken
American Editor, Critic (1880 - 1956)
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins."

"It is inaccurate to say I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for any public office."


P.J. O'Rourke
"Whatever it is that government does, sensible Americans would preferthat the government do it to someone else. This is the idea behind foreign policy."


Persian Proverb
"It takes ten pounds of common sense to carry one pound of learning."

Thomas Paine
Anglo-American Political Theorist, Writer (1737-1809)
"Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one."


François Duc de La Rochefoucauld
French Writer, Moralist (1613 - 1680)
"We seldom attribute common sense except to those who agree with us."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
32nd USA President, Democrat (1882 - 1945)
"The country needs and, unless I mistake its temper, the country demands bold, persistent experimentation. It is common sense to take a method and try it; if it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something."


George Bernard Shaw
"The power of accurate observation is called cynicism by those who have not got it."

Donald G. Smith
"Common sense and education are highly compatible; in fact, neither is worth much without the other."


Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire
French philosopher, Writer (1694 - 1778)
"Common sense is not so common."


George F. Will
Journalist, Political Commentator
"This is an age in which one cannot find common sense without a search warrant."

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The information, in this section, pertains mostly to online, offline, and related work opportunities. The information is excerpted from section 12.6 (common sense protection tips) of the following report:


Your most important asset combating con games will be common sense. Common sense, however, is not a skill everyone possesses. So, a collection of common sense tips are listed below. Burn them into your memory. Refer to them every time you are presented with an interesting offer, and you will be forever armed against those who want to fleece you.

And if you think con games will go away, your only fooling yourself. As long as money runs the world economies and people's lives, con games will remain and flourish.

[1][All Con Games Have One Thing In Common]: Con artists all want the same thing from you: something of value and it is usually money, your money.

[2][Approved Work]: Investigate any opportunity that must approve the work you do. While there are legitimate jobs that must review and approve your work, there are many others that use approval as a tool to control whether they pay you, often at their discretion. Examples include: assembly work, reading emails, stuffing envelopes, website research, website surfing, etc.

[3][Con Games Always Help The Con Artist First]: Every con game is offered so a con artist can make money. If he helps you in the process, it is only icing on the cake. Never believe someone offering a business opportunity promotion wants to just help you or give you money out of the goodness of their heart.

[4][Contact Information]: When checking out an opportunity, track down the contact information such as: contact names, email addresses, physical addresses, telephone numbers, etc. Then attempt to contact them with hard questions. If this information is sparse, they don't want you to know much about them, and it will be difficult to resolve problems.

[5][Contracts]: Always get copies of contracts and review them carefully before you ever make a payment. Understand everything it says. If there are oral promises make sure they are included. The only reason for not putting conditions in a contract is to avoid fulfilling them. If problems develop between you and the business, carefully evaluate who has the leverage. If it is all on their side, be very suspicious.

[6][Credit Card Information Over The Phone]: Never give out credit card information over the phone to unfamiliar people or businesses who solicit you without your permission.

[7][Criteria Refunds]: Carefully check out the refund policy, before making a purchase. If you are not happy, can you get your money back? In some cases, it may be almost impossible to qualify.

[8][Exaggerated Earning Claims]: Suspect any business opportunity offering large income potential. Often times there are no real products or services. Multilevel opportunities, chain letters, Ponzi schemes, and pyramid schemes are common here. All such opportunities eventually fail.

[9][Fear of Loss]: This is one of the oldest sales inducing tricks in the book. How many times have you heard: "Hurry, there is only one left!" The same applies when checking out online work opportunities. If there is a sense of urgency in getting you to commit, you need to investigate further.

[10][Get Rich Quick]: Con games frequently promise a lot of money in a short period of time. They know people viewing, considering, and responding to their advertising have money problems. They hope to reel you in, by offering an attractive solution to your money woes. Making money quickly (for example, robbing a bank) is usually a pipe dream or an activity that will quickly land you behind bars.

[11][Hidden Job Market Fees]: Be very suspicious. Access to hidden job markets after paying an advance fee almost never pan out. Often times, they are just a re-hash of publicly available job listings. There are some exceptions such as freelance work sites offering complete access to their job databases when you become a member. But, be very careful and check them out thoroughly. In such cases, try and get in touch with those already using the service and ask about their experiences.

[12][Ideal Work Conditions]: Beware of any opportunity or job offer which claims ideal work conditions. Every legitimate online job has conditions. They include: contractual agreement, equipment, initial interview, marketing fees, membership fee, regular communication, specific wages, startup fees, work hours, work experience, work skills, work standards, etc.

[13][If You're Unsure]: In you are unsure about a business opportunity, don't commit. Continue investigating. Send investigative emails. Locate and speak to others already involved - by email and by phone. Commit only when you know all the benefits and risks, and have a good feeling about it.

[14][Intuition]: You will have a "gut" feeling about every opportunity you investigate. Pay attention to it.

[15][Job Listings]: Carefully evaluate all job listings. Many are just individuals or businesses who are middlemen. They may be recruiters, or just offering employment advice.

[16][Make Follow Up Phone Calls]: When checking out a business opportunity, track down contact phone numbers. Call the numbers and ask hard questions. See if you can reach someone who has the answers. See if they call you back.

[17][No Experience Necessary]: Beware of opportunities requiring no job experience. Every job requires some work skills. Period. Those that don't mean every human being on Earth qualifies. That's a lot of competition.

[18][No Selling Required]: Every product is sold by someone. And every worker is involved in the sales process either directly or indirectly. As a worker you are doing one or more of the following tasks essential to the sales process: making the product, managing product production, marketing the product, and/or selling the product.

[19][Opportunities in Emerging Markets]: Beware of opportunities promising high income potential in: hi-tech, insider information, recently deregulated commodities, etc. All legitimate opportunities take time to become profitable.

[20][Opportunity Delays]: Beware of opportunities which delay making commitments to members. Often times such opportunities are in the pre-launch stage. Pyramid schemes and multilevel opportunities are common here.

[21][Opportunity References]: If you find an opportunity which interests you, another powerful investigative trick is to track down and talk to those who are already involved. Ask those offering the opportunity to supply email addresses of several people already involved. Also, get on the job opportunity boards and search for information on the opportunity. If no information can be found post a question asking others if they know about the opportunity.

[22][Opportunity Requirements]: Beware of opportunities with one or more of the following requirements: buying costly inventory, inflated prices for products or services, making sales to other members, minimum monthly sales, etc. Such requirements are often indicative of pyramid schemes and multilevel opportunities where an endless cycle of recruiting new members and purchasing inventory occurs.

[23][Preying On Greed]: We live in a world that runs personally, nationally, and worldwide on money. Like it or not, money is one of the most important and powerful forces in the lives of human beings alive today. It is, therefore, easy to understand why people need or want to become greedy.

[24][Preying On Problems]: If you are a human being, you have problems. No one escapes. Common problem areas include: marriage, medical, money, social, work, and so on ad-nauseum. Money is a common denominator in most of them. Con games draw you in by offering seemingly miraculous solutions to your problems.

[25][Preying On Weaknesses]: People are susceptible to enticements claiming to solve important problems. They include: dream of a better life for your family, need for a lot of money, being your own boss, solving a desperate situation (usually the need for money), working from home, etc.

[26][Recruiting New Distributors]: Suspect any business opportunity where you need to recruit other distributors, salesmen, representatives, etc. Often times, there are no real or worthwhile products or services, and there may be a membership fee. Such business opportunities are usually fronts for pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, multilevel opportunities, etc. Examples include products, services, and other opportunities in the following areas: charity, cleaning, clothing, cosmetics, environment, health, investment, jewelry, off-shore credit cards, power, etc.

[27][Secret Information]: Beware of opportunities claiming access to secret: connections, information, investors, plans, relationships, etc. They are often difficult to verify. For example, in 1919 the creator of the Ponzi scheme, Charles Ponzi, claimed knowledge of a secret method for redeeming international postal reply coupons. His secret included the fact that he just stopped redeeming them because there was no money in it.

[28][Send Investigative Emails]: If you find an opportunity which interests you, one powerful but little used weapon at your disposal are investigative emails. List all of your concerns and formulate one or more emails asking hard questions. Study how timely and informative the email responses are. Are the responses elusive and sketchy? They will give you a good sense of the opportunity and downstream support.

[29][Take Your Time]: Don't be forced into anything prematurely. Take your time and investigate. If the opportunity is legitimate, it will be there tomorrow, next week, next month.

[30][The Perfect Job]: The companion to the attractive "get rich quick" con is the promise of a perfect job. Such jobs don't exist. Every legitimate job in the offline and online world has advantages and disadvantages. Most people have problems with their work. Common problems include: difficult boss, excessive work load, too much overtime, no time off, no promotion, long work hours, working at night, poor wages, no pay raises, lengthy commuting distance or time, boring work, discrimination, too much travel, job transfers, etc.

[31][Up Front Fees]: Be very suspicious. Most employers don't charge you for a job. And if someone hires you, they usually pay any recruiter or headhunter fees involved.

[32][Your Only Worth]: You are only of value to those offering an opportunity, if you make money for them first. You always come second. Period.

[33][No Contact Information]: When checking out an opportunity, track down the contact information such as: contact names, email addresses, physical addresses, telephone numbers, etc. Then attempt to contact them and ask hard questions. If there are no telephone numbers or physical addresses listed, they don't want you to know much about them.

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