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the silent worker producing in countless ways ...
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The silent worker
producing its magic - in places and ways - beyond measure.

does the work of man
in countless forms:
animal, biomass, electric, fossil fuel, human, hydroelectric, geothermal,
magnetic, nuclear, solar, wind, and others.

Without energy,
today's civilization - would fall - like a house of cards.

The Energy Reference Desk
was created
to help self-directed individuals
understand the diverse aspects,
realize the difference between clean and destructive forms,
then act individually and collectively
to bring safe and harmonious energy - to Mother Earth ...


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energy .. [Site]: Energy Information Administration. [Details]: Energy statistics from USA government; DOE site. [RD:20021012].
energy .. [Site]: USA Department of Energy. [Details]: Energy, related portal. USA Department of Energy site. [RD:20021012].
energy (alternative) .. [Site]: Genesis solcomhouse. [Details]: Alternative energy portal; good extensive resources on diverse subjects. [RD:20021012].
energy (alternative) .. [Site]: KeelyNet. [Details]: Alternative energy portal; related. [RD:20021012].
energy (renewable) .. [Site]: Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands. [Details]: Renewable energy portal; related. [RD:20021012].
energy (renewable) .. [Site]: National Renewable Energy Laboratory. [Details]: Renewable energy portal; development; efficiency; research; related. [RD:20021012].
energy (renewable) .. [Site]: REPP-CREST. [Details]: Renewable energy, related. Renewable Energy Policy Project. Center For Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology. [RD:20021012].
energy (renewable) .. [Site]: The Source for Renewable Energy. [Details]: Renewable energy portal; related. [RD:20021012].
energy (solar) .. [Site]: Florida Solar Energy Center. [Details]: Solar energy portal; related. [RD:20021012].
energy (solar) .. [Site]: Go Solar Power. [Details]: Solar power portal. [RD:20021012].
energy (solar) .. [Site]: Texas Solar Energy Society. [Details]: Energy: renewable, solar. Related. [RD:20021012].
energy (wind) .. [Site]: National Wind Technology Center. [Details]: Wind energy portal; related. [RD:20021012].

organization (American Solar Energy Society) .. [Site]: American Solar Energy Society. [Details]: Solar energy. Advancing solar energy use for benefit of USA and global environment. Related. [RD:20021012].
organization (DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy) .. [Site]: EEFE. [Details]: Energy: efficiency, renewable. Related. USA Department of Energy site. [RD:20021012].
organization (El Paso Solar Energy Association) .. [Site]: El Paso Solar Energy Association. [Details]: Solar energy advocacy. Regions: West Texas; Southern New Mexico; Northern Mexico. Founded in 1978. [RD:20021012].
organization (International Solar Energy Society) .. [Site]: The International Solar Energy Society. [Details]: Renewable, solar energy advocacy. Large/old technically oriented organization. [RD:20021012].
organization (Solar Energy Industries Association) .. [Site]: Solar Energy Industries Association. [Details]: Solar industries advocacy; related. [RD:20021012].
organization (Solar Energy International) .. [Site]: Solar Energy International. [Details]: Solar energy advocacy. Provide renewable energy education and technical assistance. Non-profit organization. [RD:20021012].

report (energy policy) .. [Site]: Whitehouse. [Details]: National Energy Policy Report; large document. [RD:20021012].
report (energy policy - USA - challenges to) .. [Site]: Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 21st Century. [Report]: Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 21st Century. [Author]: Independent Task Force. [Sponsors]: James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy of Rice University, and the Council on Foreign Relations. [Note]: Edward L. Morse, Chair; Amy Myers Jaffe, Project Director. [RD:20021012].

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[1][Information Organization]: Section 1 contains a collection of energy resources. Each entry is organized into a general format. Format details can be found in the Mine Specifications.
[2][Link Submission]: See Mine Links

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