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The dark secrets of humanity.

have always been around,
since the dawn of civilization,
fed by man's darkest instincts ..
deception, domination, greed, hatred, possession, power, prejudice, on-and-on.

do exist,
but are often difficult
to separate from their phoney companions.

desperately seek
refuge in their insidious little corners,
relying on their trusted allies
to protect them ..
blackmail, brainwashing, confusion, con games, control, deception, disinformation,
dumbing down of humanity, frames, genocide, hoaxes, lies, media manipulation, mind control,
railroading (legal, financial, work), sanitized news, setups, surveillance,
threats, killings, and others - ad-nauseum.

are believed responsible
for countless hardships, sufferings, and disasters,
ancient to present,
personal to global.

are put forth
to work their evil agendas
primarily because
of the need and drive to express the dark side of mankind.

real and not imagined, lie ..
in countless government secrets .. painfully exposed;
in embarrassments .. private, business, corporate, government, national, international;
in real trajedies .. assassinations, environmental destruction, industrial espionage, threats;
in power struggles .. of despots, dictators, executives, governments, monarchs, regimes;
in endless wars .. centered around drugs, territories, religious dominance, genocide;
in government policies .. gone wrong - secret foreign policy disasters, attempted assassinations;
in coverups .. at every level - personal, industrial, military, political, espionage;
in seductions .. of competitiveness, control, greed, money, power;
in setups .. conducted by crooked individuals and organizations;
in surveillance .. an insatiable appetite to watch others - from personal to nations;
in technology .. innocent of itself, but manipulated by insecure dark forces to control others.

The Conspiracies Reference Desk
was created
so discerning individuals
can search, understand, learn, contemplate,
and bring to light
the endless coverups, dangers, deceptions, and lies
which desperately seek to remain just beneath the surface of inquiring minds ...


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Adair, David .. [Site]: [Interests]: Extraterrestrials; space science. [Background]: Inventor; speaker. [RD:20021022].

Barwood, Frances Emma .. [Site]: [Interests]: Phoenix, Arizona UFO lights sighting (March 13, 1997). [Background]: Former councilwoman (Phoenix, Arizona). Pressed for investigation into mysterious major UFO sighting over Phoenix in late 1990s. [RD:20021022].
Bassett, Stephen .. [Site]: [Interests]: Disclosure, extraterrestrials, secrecy reform, UFOs. [Background]: Lawyer. Only registered USA lobbyist representing UFO and extraterrestrial research organizations. [Related Websites]:;; [RD:20021022].
Bearden, Tom .. [Site]: [Interests]: Alternate energy technology; antigravity; electronic countermeasures; electronic warfare; EM bioeffects; free energy devices; government secrecy/coverups; mind/matter interaction; overunity electrical machines; paranormal phenomena; parapsychology; psychotronics; scalar electromagnetics; Tesla technology; unified field theory; vacuum engines. [Background]: Akidoist; author; nuclear engineer; president of CTEC; retired military officer. [Publications]: Books; papers; videotapes; webiste. [RD:20021022].
Begich, Nicholas J. (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Earth science; government reform; HAARP; health; new technologies. [Background]: Author; lecturer; publisher; tribal administrator (Alaska Native American village). [Publications]: Books. [Related Websites]: (HAARP Home Page). [RD:20021022].
Bell, Art .. [Site]: [Interests]: Earth changes; health/nutrition (alternative, mainstream); government coverups/secrecy; new age; paranormal; quickening; time travel. [Background]: Author. Legendary radio talk show host of the #1 night radio talk show in the world. Art currently hosts the show on weekends. [Publications]: Books; CDs; audiotapes. [RD:20021022].
Belzer, Richard .. [Site]: /a. [Interests]: Conspiracies. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021022].
Berliner, Don .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: UFO. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021022].
Berlitz, Charles .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: paranormal. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021022].
Bielek, Al .. [Site]: [Interests]: Invisibility; Montauk Project; Philadephia experiment; time travel; USS Eldridge. [Background]: Author; physicist; claims he was aboard the USS Eldridge during Philadelphia experiment. [Publications]: Books; video. [RD:20021022].
Billings, Kurt .. [Site]: [Interests]: Human implants; mind control techniques. [RD:20021022].
Birnes, William J. .. [Site]: [Interests]: Roswell; UFO. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021022].
Boylan, Richard (Dr.) .. [Site]: Dr. Richard Boylan's Offical Website. [Interests]: Area 51. Coverups. Disclosure. Extraterrestrial contact. Secrecy. Secret: organizations; spacecraft; space stations; technology; weapons. Shadow government. UFOs. [Background]: Author; behavioral scientist; hypnotherapist; university instructor. [Publications]: Books; website. [RD:20021022].
Brown, Bob .. [Site]: [Interests]: UFOs. [RD:20021022].
Browne, Harry .. [Site]: [Interests]: Freedom; government problems; liberty. [Background]: Author; USA presidental libertarian candidate. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021022].

Campbell, Glenn .. [Site]: [Interests]: Aliens; Area 51. [Background]: Author; director (Area 51 Research Center). [Publications]: Books; newsletters. [Note]: Area 51 is a top secret military area in Southern Nevada. [RD:20021022].
Carlotto, Mark .. [Site]: [Interests]: Face on Mars; lunar anomalies; Mars archaeology anomalies. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021022].
conspiracy .. [Site]: Conspiracy Digest. [Details]: Conspiracy portal. [RD:20021022].
conspiracy .. [Site]: Steamshovel Press, All Conspiracy, No Theory. [Details]: Conspiracy portal. [RD:20021022].

Davenport, Marc .. [Site]: [Interests]: Chupacabras; ET; paranormal mysteries; time travelers; UFO secrets. [Background]: Author. [Publications] Books. [RD:20021022].
Davenport, Peter .. [Site]: National UFO Reporting Center. [Interests]: UFOs. [Background]: Director of National UFO Reporting Center. [RD:20021022].
Davis, Vance .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Gulf Breeze UFOs. [Background]: Author; NSA analyst (former). [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021022].
Day, Lorraine (Dr.) .. [Site]: [Interests]: AIDS coverup; alternative health therapies; cancer. [Background]: Author; cancer survivor. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021022].
Dean, Robert O. .. [Site]: [Interests]: UFO. [Background]: Retired military officer. [RD:20021022].
Deyo, Stan .. [Site]: Noah's Ark. [Interests]: Armageddon; conspiracy; cosmic conspiracy; disaster; preparedness; prophecy; self-reliance; vindicator scrolls. [Background]: Author. Black project member: flying saucer technology; headed by Dr. Edward Teller. FBI undercover. Security clearance: above Top Secret. [Publications]: Books; websites. [RD:20021022].
Dilettoso, Jim .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Shroud of Turin; UFO image analysis; UFO images (Phoenix lights, March 13, 1997). [Background]: Bio-medical engineer. Image processing engineer. Shroud of Turin (JPL project). UFO photo case testing. [RD:20021022].
DiEugenio, Jim .. [Site]: [Interests]: 1960s assassinations; contemporary American History; Garrison case; JFK case. [Background]: Editor/publisher (Probe Magazine). [RD:20021022].
DiPietro, Vince .. [Site]: [Interests]: Mars image enhancement. [Background]: Author; engineer. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021022].
disinformation .. [Site]: disinformation. [Details]: Disinformation oriented: news, articles, related resources. [RD:20021022].
disinformation .. [Site]: Disinformation Gallery. [Details]: Disinformation, related. [RD:20021022].
Dolan, Richard .. [Site]: [Interests]: National Security State; UFO. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021022].
Donaldson, William (Commander) .. [Site]: [Interests]: Naval crash investigation. TWA Flight 800 investigation: NTSB conclusion not credible. [Background]: Naval crash investigator; retired military officer. [Related Websites]: (Associated Retired Aviation Professionals); (Donaldson File). [RD:20021022].

Elders, Lee and Brit .. Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Mayan prophecy; UFOs. [Background]: Authors. [Publications]: Videos. [RD:20021022].

Fowler, Raymond E. .. [Site]: [Interests]: ET; UFO; UFO abduction. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021022].
Friedman, Stanton .. [Site]: [Interests]: Government coverups (UFO, other); UFOs; conspiracies. [Background]: Author; nuclear physicist. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021022].

Green, Wayne .. [Site]: [Interests]: Cold fusion; interesting/controversial subjects. [Background]: Author; publisher. [Publications]: Books; website. [RD:20021022].
Greer, Steven .. [Site]: [Interests]: Disclosure: alien; UFO; shadow government; etc. ET relations: establishing peaceful and sustainable. Government: coverups; secrets; shadow. Secret witnesses: civilian; government; military; UFO. UFOs. [Background]: Author; director; speaker. [Publications]: Books; website. [RD:20021022].

Hambone, Doc .. [Site]: Doc Hambone's Anathema Research. [Interests]: Conspiracies; fringe culture; mind control; paranormal; para political; remote viewing; science. [Background]: Author; director (research). [Publications]: Website. [RD:20021022].
Hamilton, Bill .. [Site]: [Interests]: Aliens; UFOs; mysteries. [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Book. [RD:20021022].
Hayakawa, Norio .. [Site]: Civilian Intelligence Network. [Interests]: Area 51; black budgets; government oversight; new world order; shadow government. [Background]: Director: Citizens Committee on Government Oversight. Investigator. Mentor. [Publications]: Website. [RD:20021022].
Hoaglund, Richard .. [Site]: Enterprise Mission. [Interests]: Alternative energy. Artifacts: Alien, Moon. Disclosure: Alien, UFO. ET. Government secrecy/coverups. Hyperdimensional physics. NASA space data suppression. Mars: anomalies of; Cydonia on; face on. Moon: artifical structures on; dark side of. Planetary anomalies. Shadow government. [Background]: Author. CBS New science advisor (former). Enterprise Mission website (founder). [Publications]: Books; videos; websites. [RD:20021022].
Hopkins, Bud .. [Site]: Intruders Foundation. [Interests]: Alien abductions; founder (Intruder's Foundation). [Background]: Author. [Publications]: Books. [Related Websites]: (Interview). [RD:20021022].
Howe, Linda Moulton .. [Site]: Earthfiles. [Interests]: Alien abductions; alternative (energy, health); chupacabras; crop circles; earth changes; environmental destruction; government coverups/secrecy; mutilations (animal, cattle); science; UFOs; x-files (real). [Background]: Author; Miss Idaho (former); producer (TV); reporter. [Publications]: Books; reports; TV documentaries; videos; website. [RD:20021022].
Horowitz, Lynn .. [Site]: Tetrahedron. [Interests]: AIDS. Alternative health. Anthrax. Bioweapons. Conspiracies. Coverups: AIDS; Anthrax; bioweapon; globalism; government; health; vaccine. Ebola. Emerging diseases. Toxins. Vaccines. Viruses. West Nile virus. [Background]: Author; educator; health researcher; director (Tetrahedron); speaker. [Publications]: Books. [RD:20021022].
Hulse, Virgil .. [Site]: n/a. [Interests]: Bovine AIDS. Bovine leukemia virus. Bovine growth hormone. BSE. Crohn's disease. E. coli. Health hazards in beef/dairy supplies. Mad cow disease. Prions. Salmonella. Spongiform encephalopathies (USA). [Background]: Author; cancer epidemologist; dairy scientist; doctor; expert witness (Oprah lawsuit, attended 10 days); preventative medicine; public health; food science. [Publications]: Book. [Related Websites]:;; [RD:20021022].

Lazar, Bob .. [Site]: [Interests]: Area 51; coverups; ETs; extraterrestrial spacecraft; Papoose Lake Base. [Background]: Author; engineer; quantum physicist. [Publications]: Books; website. [Note]: Reportedly worked on extraterrestrial spacecraft at the Papoose Lake Base south of Area 51. [RD:20021022].

magazine (Borderlands) .. [Site]: Borderland Sciences. [Background]: Founded in 1945. Investigating realms beyond the range of basic human perception and physical measurement. Scholar, researcher oriented. [Interests]: Alternative health; dowsing and radiesthesia; future (medicine, science technology); new energy; psychotronics; radionics; technology (future, Tesla, water). [RD:20021022].
magazine (New Dawn) .. [Site]: New Dawn Magazine. [Details]: Alternative, paranormal portal. [Interests]: Aliens; alternative; Big Brother; controversies; economics; Egypt; health; metaphysics; Middle East; mind/body/spirit; mysteries; news (suppressed); new world order; paranormal; politics; secrets; UFOs. [RD:20021022].
magazine (Nexus) .. [Site]: Nexus Magazine. [Details]: Alternative, paranormal portal. [Interests]: Alternative; ancient past; Big Brother; conspiracies; coverups; health; mysteries; science (future, secret, suppressed); secrecy; UFOs; unexplained. [RD:20021022].
Mars, Jim .. [Site]: Jim Marrs. [Interests]: Alien (agenda, artifacts); chemtrails; conspiracies; coverups; JFK assassination; Mars; paranormal; remote viewing; secret (government, global organizations); UFOs; war on freedom. [Publications]: Books; videos; websites. [RD:20021022].
mind control .. [Site]: FACTNet. [Details]: Mind control portal; cults; free thinking; mind control. [RD:20021022].
mind control .. [Site]: Freedom Isn't Free. [Details]: Mind control portal; extensive collection of resources on diverse subjects; good. [RD:20021022].
mind control .. [Site]: Mind Control Forum. [Details]: Mind control portal; extensive resources; good. [RD:20021022].
mind control .. [Site]: Mind Control - Technology, Techniques, and Politics. [Details]: Mind control portal; documents; links; references; commentary. [RD:20021022].
mind control .. [Site]: The Government Psychiatric Torture Site. [Details]: Mind control portal. [RD:20021022].
mind control (government) .. [Site]: Government Mind Control. [Details]: Government mind control. [RD:20021022].
mind control (government research into) .. [Site]: Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control. [Details]: Government research into: ESP; mind control. [RD:20021022].

organization (mind control - Freedom of Thought Foundation) .. [Site]: Freedom of Thought Foundation. [Details]: Mind control portal. [Interests]: Education. Networking. Symptom identification. Trauma-based programming and EM (electromagnetic) targeting. Technologies/methods restricting free thought: brainwashing; covert psychological operations of national security states; indoctrination; propaganda; thought reform. [Background]: Special project of the Gandhi Peace Centre Inc., a non-profit foundation. [RD:20021022].

paranormal .. [Site]: Adventures Unlimited. [Details]: Paranormal publications portal; ancient mysteries/science; alternative health; anti-gravity; Atlantis; consciousness; exotic travel; extraterrestrials; free energy; lost cities; mind control; Tesla technology; unexplained phenomena. [RD:20021022].
paranormal .. [Site]: Coast To Coast AM Web Site. [Details]: Site of world famous night talk show Coast to Coast AM. Hosts include: George Noorey (weekdays), Art Bell (weekends), Hilly Rose (fill in), Barbara Simpson (fill in). [Topics]: alien abductions and implants; ancient civilizations; Armageddon; asteroids; cattle mutilations; chupacabras; conspiracies; controversies; cover ups; crytozoology; diseases (Mad cow, AIDS, etc.); earth changes; environment; evp; ghosts; government (coverups, secrecy); health/nutrition (alternative, mainstream); mysteries; near death experience; news (suppressed, unreported); Nostradamus; one world government; paranormal; prophecy; pyramids; quickening; remote viewing; researchers; secrecy; secret societies; shortwave radio; solar system mysteries (Mars, Moon, Saturn, etc.); time travel; unusual; x-files (real); etc. [RD:20050122].
paranormal .. [Site]: Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page. [Details]: Paranormal portal. [RD:20021022].
paranormal .. [Site]: Paranormal Research Primer. [Details]: Paranormal portal. [RD:20021022].
paranormal .. [Site]: Surfing The Apocalypse. [Details]: Paranormal portal. [RD:20021022].
paranormal .. [Site]: Terra Seetch, My Favorite Sites. [Details]: Paranormal portal. [RD:20021022].
privacy (electronic) .. [Site]: Electronic Privacy Information Center. [Details]: Popular site concerning electronic privacy: issues, news, related. [RD:20021022].

search engine (paranormal) .. [Site]: The Paranormal Search Engine. [Details]: Paranormal search engine. [RD:20021022].

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