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Getting something
for nothing
has always attracted attention.

In most cases,
there's usually a catch, an ulterior motive:
to gain your attention and interest,
to hopefully sell other products and services,
to acquire personal marketing information,
to prospects for future customers ..

In some cases,
uncommon individuals and organizations
are driven
to make items of value,
to share them with others,
to help improve the lot of man.

The Free Reference Desk
was created
to facilitate the search for
and discovery of
the free items offered - in the online world ...


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1   FREE

clipart (free) .. [Site]: All Free Clipart. [Details]: Free clipart portal. Backgrounds. Bullets. Clip art. Gif files: animated; icons; pictures. [RD:20021109].
clipart (free) .. [Site]: Clips Ahoy!, Free Clip Art Island. [Details]: Free clipart portal. [RD:20021109].
clipart (free) .. [Site]: Free Clipart, [Details]: Free clipart portal. [RD:20021109].

directory (classified ads - free) .. [Site]: Free Classified Links Directory. [Details]: Free classified ad sites portal; good resource. [RD:20021109].

ebooks (free) .. [Site]: Ebook Reference Desk. [Details]: Ebook portal. [RD:20021109].

fonts (free) .. [Site]: Acidfonts. [Details]: Free Mac, PC font portal. Large collection. +4000 fonts. [RD:20021109].
fonts (free) .. [Site]: [Details]: Free font portal. Large collection. [RD:20021109].
fonts (True Type - Mac, PC - free) .. [Site]: 1001 Free Fonts. [Details]: Free True Type font portal. Large collection of free Mac and Windows True Type fonts. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: All-EZ FreeStuff. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: All Free Site. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: Cool Freebie Links. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]:, Freebies for the e-generation. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: Freeland. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: Free Mania. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: Free Paradise. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: Free Site X. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: Free Stuff 101. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: Free Stuff Links. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: Just Free Stuff. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: MyFreebies. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal; reportedly filter out junk offers. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: Oh My Gosh It's Free. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: The Top20 Free Sites. [Details]: Free portal; links. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]:, The Top List Webdirectory. [Details]: Free links portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20021109].
free .. [Site]: Virtual Sites/ [Details]: Free links portal. [RD:20021109].
free (women-oriented) .. [Site]: Free Stuff For Women. [Details]: Free portal; woman oriented. [RD:20021109].

images (free) .. [Site]: TWS 3D Design. [Details]: Free image portal; clip art; screen savers; wallpaper. [RD:20021109].
Internet services (free) .. [Site]: FreeSiteUK. [Details]: Free Internet services portal. [RD:20021109].

magazines (trade - free) .. [Site]: [Details]: Free trade publications on numerous subject; available to qualified Eudora email users. [RD:20021109].

screen savers (free) .. [Site]: Free Screen Savers. [Details]: Free screen saver portal. [RD:20021109].

wallpaper (free) .. [Site]: Wallpaper Vault. [Details]: Free wallpaper portal; large collection. [RD:20021109].

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[1][Information Organization]: Section 1 contains a collection of free resources. Each entry is organized into a general format. Format details can be found in the Mine Specifications.
[2][Link Submission]: See Mine Links

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