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Working Online ..
a rapidly-growing phenomenon fueled by,
the electronic age,
the emergence of computers and the Internet,
the desire for more balance in life,
the need to live where desired,
the distaste for the 8-5 grind and commuting,
the economic uncertainties,
the September 11, 2001 disaster.

But, beware ..

Working Online .. is a controversial industry
with a light and dark side,
consisting of real opportunities,
and misleading information, con games, and nonsense,
lurking around many Internet corners.

Working Online .. is best achieved
by getting street-smart,
using common sense,
learning how to stop getting conned,
studying the online work industry,
reviewing online success stories,
evaluating your personality, interests, and skills,
researching, investigating, and evaluating desirable opportunities,
then making an informed decision.

The Online Worker's Reference Desk
was created
to guide individuals
into the brave new world of online work.

Proceed carefully with an open mind ...

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1Online Work
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classified ads (free) .. [Site]: Adland. [Details]: Free classified portal. [RD:20030224].
classified ads (free) .. [Site]: AdTrack Classifieds. [Details]: Free classified portal. [RD:20030224].
classified ads (free) .. [Site]: EPage. [Details]: Free classified portal. [RD:20030224].
classified ads (free) .. [Site]: Websitings. [Details]: Free classified portal. [RD:20030224].
classified ads (business opportunities, employment) .. [Site]: Kingdom Classifieds, Business Opportunities and Employment. [Details]: Business opportunities, employment classified portal. [RD:20030224].
credit cards (comparison of) .. [Site]:, Credit Card Comparisions. [Details]: Over 200 cards researched; top 10 list with details. [RD:20030224].

directory (marketing - Internet) .. [Site]:, Links Directory. [Details]: Internet marketing portal; directory. [RD:20030224].

ebooks .. [Site]: Ebook Reference Desk. [Details]: Ebook portal. [RD:20030224].
entrepreneur .. [Site]: [Details]: Entrepreneur portal; home of the famous Entrepreneur magazine; extensive resources. [RD:20030224].

fraud .. [Site]: National Fraud Information Center. [Details]: Fraud portal. [RD:20030224].
fraud (employment) .. [Site]: USPS Inspection Service. [Details]: USA Postal Service resources on employment schemes. [RD:20030224].
fraud (Internet) .. [Site]: Internet Scambusters. [Details]: Internet fraud portal. [RD:20030224].
free .. [Site]: Free Reference Desk. [Details]: Free portal. [RD:20030224].
frugal living .. [Site]: Frugal Living Reference Desk. [Details]: Frugal living portal. [RD:20030224].

guide (career, college, jobs) .. [Site]: Quintessential Careers. [Details]: Career, college, work portal; extensive resources. [RD:20030224].
guide (career, job hunting) .. [Site]: [Details]: Career and job hunting resource guide; focus on work-at-home and telecommuting. [RD:20030224].
guide (making a living online) .. [Site]: Make A Living Online. [Details]: Step by step guide (part 1 of 5). [RD:20030224].

lifestyle (international) .. [Site]: [Details]: International lifestyle portal; extensive resources. [RD:20030224].

marketing (guerilla) .. [Site]: Guerilla Marketing Coach. [Details]: Guerilla marketing portal; excellent resources. [RD:20030224].
money (making) .. [Site]: ABC Review To Make Money. [Details]: Publicity; promotion; make money online. [RD:20030224].
money (making) .. [Site]: All About Making Money Online. [Details]: Promote making money online products; some good background information. [RD:20030224].
money (making) .. [Site]: netpreneurs money making online free resource. [Details]: Making money online portal; netrepreneur oriented. [RD:20030224].

newsgroups (work-oriented) .. [Site]: Google Groups. [Details]: Work-oriented newsgroups; specific to many states, countries, professions; [Note]: Google is the most convenient way to access newsgroups free on the Internet. The following list is a sampling of work-oriented newsgroups (many have sub-groups) which can be accessed, by pasting the newsgroup name into the URL window:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [RD:20030224].

opportunities (business - evaluating) .. [Site]: Better Business Bureau. [Details]: Self-explanatory site; good resource for checking out work-at-home business opportunities. [RD:20030224].
opportunities (money making) .. [Site]: Money Making Index. [Details]: Business opportunities portal. [RD:20030224].
opportunities (money making) .. [Site]: Zara's Fun Page. [Details]: Various money making programs. [RD:20030224].
organization (National Association for the Self-Employed) .. [Site]: National Association for the Self-Employed. [Details]: Self-employment resources. [RD:20030224].
organization (Young Entrepreneurs Organization) .. [Site]: Young Entrepreneurs Organization. [Details]: Entrepreneurial resources. [RD:20030224].

search engine (job) .. [Site]: [Details]: Job search engine; checks multiple job boards at once. [RD:20030224].
search engines (submission resources for) .. [Site]: [Details]: Search engine submission portal; learn how to create search engine friendly webpages. [RD:20030224].
services (staffing) .. [Site]: [Details]: Staffing services; resources. [RD:20030224].
small business .. [Site]: Office Links. [Details]: Small business portal; extensive resources. [RD:20030224].
small business .. [Site]:, Home For Small Business. [Details]: Small business portal; extensive resource guide. [RD:20030224].
small business .. [Site]: SCORE, Counselors To America's Small Business. [Details]: Small business portal; Service Corp of Retired Executives; partnership with US Government Small Business Adminsitration. [RD:20030224].
small business .. [Site]: Small Business Administration. [Details]: Small business portal; USA government SBA site. [RD:20030224].
small business .. [Site]: TalkBiz News. [Details]: Small business how-to ezine; Paul Myers site. [RD:20030224].
small business .. [Site]: The Small Business Advisor. [Details]: Small or work-at-home business portal; good resources. [RD:20030224].

telecommuting .. See: work (telecommuting)

webmaster .. [Site]: Big Nose, Everything You Need To Build Great Websites. [Details]: Webmaster resources portal; over 300 pages of free CGI Scripts, graphics, tutorials and tools for creating/maintaining websites. [RD:20030224].
webmaster .. [Site]: Webmaster Yellow Pages. [Details]: Webmaster portal; webmaster, web business owner, and website oriented. [RD:20030224].
work (directory of) .. [Site]: Top9 > Top 99 Employment Sites. [Details]: Popular job site portal; comprehensive list; 99 most popular. [RD:20030224].
work (freelance) .. [Site]: [Details]: Freelance work portal; freelancers, independent contractors. [RD:20030224].
work (freelance) .. [Site]: Freelance Work Exchange. [Details]: Freelance work portal; good resources; complete access with monthly fee; jobs for writers, designers, programmers, etc. [RD:20030224].
work (freelance) .. [Site]: [Details]: Freelance work portal; free jobs listing. [RD:20030224].
work (general) .. [Site]: Employment911. [Details]: Work portal; reportedly searches 100 job sites at once; related work resources; free membership. [RD:20030224].
work (general) .. [Site]: [Details]: Work portal; jobs, employment, career resources. [RD:20030224].
work general) .. [Site]:, Your Telecommuting Headquarters. [Details]: Work portal; fee based site. [RD:20030224].
work (general) .. [Site]: [Details]: Popular work portal. [RD:20030224].
work (general) .. [Site]: [Details]: Work portal; links to extensive list of job sites. [RD:20030224].
work (general) .. [Site]: Resumegenie. [Details]: Work portal; job listings; subscribe to access. [RD:20030224].
work (general) .. [Site]: The Riley Guide. [Details]: Work resources portal; one of the best work sites available on the Net. [RD:20030224].
work (hi-tech) .. [Site]: Triangle InterNetWorkers. [Details]: Hi-tech work portal; an offbeat site; some jobs listed for hitech workers. [RD:20030224].
work (moonlighting, part-time) .. [Site]: [Details]: Moonlight, part-time work portal; good resources for moonlighters and employers looking for them; free basic membership. [RD:20030224].
work (paid while online) .. [Site]: The Paid To Be Online Page. [Details]: Paid while online work portal; extensive resources; good starting point for paid email, survey, surfing, etc., work. [RD:20030224].
work (senior) .. [Site]: Senior Job Bank. [Details]: Senior work portal. [RD:20030224].
work (telecommuting) .. [Site]: [Details]: Telecommuting work portal; opportunities. [RD:20030224].
work (telecommuting) .. [Site]: June Langhoff's Telecommuting Resource Center. [Details]: Telecommuting work portal; good resources. [RD:20030224].
work (telecommuting) .. [Site]: Telecommuting Jobs. [Details]: Telecommuting work portal; good selection of resources; free work-at-home job listings. [RD:20030224].
work (telecommuting) .. [Site]: Telecommuting with Catherine Rosenberry. [Details]: Telecommuting work portal; good site. [RD:20030224].
work (telecommuting) .. [Site]: Telework Connection. [Details]: Telecommuting work portal; work, practices, products, services, etc. [RD:20030224].
work (telecommuting) .. [Site]: The Real Deal on Telecommuting. [Details]: Telecommuting work portal. [RD:20030224].
work-at-home .. [Work At Home Reference Desk] - work at home portal. [RD:20030224].

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