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Section 1: Mine Donations and Gifts
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1Mine Donations And Gifts
1.1How Your Donations Help
1.2Gifts For Donations
1.3How Much Should I Donate
1.4The Donation Process
1.5The Mine Donation-Gift Form
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All The Internet Mine website, all content falls into two categories:


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1.1   How Your Donations Help

Your donations help in several ways.


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1.2   Gifts For Donations

We provide unique gifts
as our way of showing appreciation
for whatever you contribute to .. "the cause".

Receiving gifts is optional.
Some are happy just making donations,
and don't expect or want gift(s) in return.
Each individual is different.
You decide.

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1.3   How Much Should I Donate

We use an honor donation system.

Some people can donate generously. For others, extra money can be hard to come by. For this reason, each gift has a listed value along with a minimum donation amount. Donate what your heart and intuition suggest. If money is an issue, we ask you to donate at least the minimum donation amount. If yours is a financial hardship case, contact us by email and let us know your situation. We can work something out.

Donating for multiple gifts is simple. Just follow the instructions on the Mine Donation-Gift Form.

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1.4   The Donation Process

The donation process consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. Determine Gift Desire: If you would like to receive gifts for your donation, review the various gifts currently available on the Mine Discoveries page, or the Mine Donation-Gift Form page. Gifts are our way of saying thank you.
  2. Fill Out Mine Donation-Gift Form: Complete details and instructions can be found on the Mine Donation-Gift Form page.
  3. Send Mine Donation-Gift Form: See form for instructions.

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1.5   The Mine Donation-Gift Form

A Mine Donation-Gift Form was created to make it easy to make donations and request gifts.

A completed copy of the form can be emailed, and mailed. Sending a copy by email allows us to get started on preparing any requested gifts. Sending a copy by regular mail provides the mechanism for: receiving an offline donation, documenting a donation and gift request, and minimizing online fraud.

The form works for one or more gifts.

The html version of the form can be found here.

The text version of the form can be found here.

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