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Section 4.10: Classic Proven Gas Daving Device
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4.10Classic Proven Gas Saving Device
4.10.1Book Overview
4.10.2Book Status
4.10.3Book Notification Request
4.10.4Gift Specifications
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4.10   Classic Proven Gas Saving Device

Reference Book:
The Classic Proven Gas Saving Device


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4.10.1   Book Overview

Discover an inexpensive almost-forgotten fuel economy device ..
available in any automotive parts store.
Installation is simple.
No engine modifications are required.
Any internal combustion engine is a candidate.

It has been used successfully for decades by:
car buffs, the racing industry, and those who understand the concept of fuel economy.

Once you install the device,
educate yourself to its use, and
apply what you learn,
your fuel economy will improve significantly.

In the 1960s,
the author drove a full size Ford station wagon with
a 300 horsepower 390 cubic inch V-8 engine.
On one particular trip,
using the device,
the author was able to increase his highway fuel economy
from 10-12 mpg to 17 mpg.

The device also serves several other valuable functions.

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4.10.2   Book Status

An ebook edition is planned for the near future.

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4.10.3   Book Notification Request

If you would like to be notified when this publication becomes available, send us an email. Please place "1042-1 Book Notification Request" in the subject line. The Internet Mine's current email address can be found at this link: Mine Contact Information.

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4.10.4   Gift Specifications

Gift ID: 1042-1
Gift Type: Reference Book
Gift Description: The Classic Proven Gas-Saving Device
Gift Value: n/a
Gift Donation Amount: n/a
Gift Acquisition: n/a
Gift Delivery: n/a
Gift Copyright: n/a
Gift Availability: n/a
Gift Format: HTML executable file
Gift Use Requirements: Windows 95 or greater. IE4.0 or greater on computer.
Gift Guarantee: n/a
Gift Details: n/a

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