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Section 4.11: Automotive Fuels
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4.11Classic Proven Gas Saving Device
4.11.1Book Overview
4.11.2Book Status
4.11.3Book Notification Request
4.11.4Gift Specifications
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4.11   Automotive Fuels

Reference Book:
Automotive Fuels


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4.11.1   Book Overview

An amazing panaroma of fuels
have been used successfully
to power
internal and external combustion engines.


Each fuel
has advantages .. and .. disadvantages.

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4.11.2   Book Status

An ebook edition is planned for the near future.

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4.11.3   Book Notification Request

If you would like to be notified when this publication becomes available, send us an email. Please place "1041-1 Book Notification Request" in the subject line. The Internet Mine's current email address can be found at this link: Mine Contact Information.

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4.11.4   Gift Specifications

Gift ID: 1041-1
Gift Type: Reference Book
Gift Description: Automotive Fuels
Gift Value: n/a
Gift Donation Amount: n/a
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