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Section 4.2: Automotive Con Games Reference
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4.2Automotive Con Games Reference
4.2.1Book Overview
4.2.2Book Status
4.2.3Book Notification Request
4.2.4Gift Specifications
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4.2   Automotive Con Games Reference

Reference Book:
Automotive Con Games Reference

A New Approach To The World of Automotive Crime


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4.2.1   Book Overview

From road rage to deceptive auto insurance companies,
phoney accident attorneys to the gas pump,
carjackings, shoddy car repairs, and more ad-nauseum,
the average driver is surrounded
by automotive con games - being played out daily.

Every driver
has been or will be a victim
of an automotive con game.
No exceptions.

If you're tired of being victimized,
if you want to arm yourself
with the best protective knowledge available,
a solution is at hand ..

A comprehensive reference,
covering the world of automotive crime.

This sobering, refreshing, enlightening publication confronts the vast insidious world of automotive con games - head on.

An immense collection of unique, hard-to-find, controversial, and concealed information, found no where else, awaits your discovery. Much of it will be upsetting to those who want to keep playing you for an automotive fool.

The auto accident information, presented in this book, is carefully guarded by auto accident attorneys and insurance companies. They make their living and profits off your ignorance. Only here will you get a rare inside look at the insidious con games perpetrated on auto accident victims from both sides of the fence. Those involved in settling auto accidents with associated personal bodily injuries will quickly realize the publication's immense value, easily 1,000 times the book's modest price. Arm yourself now. Learn how to stand your ground with the attorneys and insurance companies. Get street smart. Mount your own counter offensives. Know what to do every step of the way through an auto accident case. The powers that be don't want you to have this information!

And if you think you can escape the danger of auto accidents, think again. The threat is almost unavoidable. No matter how alert and defensive a driver you are, there are just too many drivers and too many variables. Only the following drastic steps would minimize your risk: stop driving, stay off roads, and live far away from and outside the reach of - deadly automobiles!

This publication will likely change your driving habits. For example, one of the most dangerous driving threats are vehicles behind you. Only here will you learn a valuable, life-saving, foolproof driving technique (tested and proven) that eliminates rear-end collisions and resulting whiplash injuries. The technique becomes even more important when you learn many whiplash victims sustain permanent damage to their bodies.

This reference book is based on many years of experience and research.
Uncovering concealed information.
Dealing with the abundance of idiots on the road.
Countless encounters with honest and dishonest automotive businesses.
Direct intimate knowledge of lengthy and complex auto accident cases
involving multiple fired accident attorneys, years of litigation, setbacks, delays, excuses, etc.
And more.

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4.2.2   Book Status

An ebook edition is planned for future release.

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4.2.3   Book Notification Request

If you would like to be notified when this publication becomes available, send us an email. Please place "1012-1 Book Notification Request" in the subject line. The Internet Mine's current email address can be found at this link: Mine Contact Information.

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4.2.4   Gift Specifications

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