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Section 4.3: Gas Saver's Reference
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4.3Gas Saver's Reference
4.3.1Book Overview
4.3.2Book Preview
4.3.3Gift Specifications
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4.3   Gas Saver's Reference

Reference Book:
Gas Saver's Reference

A New Approach To The World of Fuel Economy


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4.3.1   Book Overview

The Return of an Out-of-Print Fuel Economy Classic
This controversial publication first appeared in April 1991, when the United States of America was still entangled in the first Gulf War. The disruption of imported fuel supplies from the Middle East was a possibility. Car owners, and the nation were once again concerned about fuel economy. It was a sobering wake-up call, just like the Arab Oil Embargo in 1974, when fuel was rationed in the United States for months. A well-organized no-nonsense reference work was needed on fuel economy.

Following its release, the book gained popularity in the library and car owner marketplace. Book reviewers and purchasers (librarians, radio talk show hosts, car owners, etc.) expressed positive opinions. The book carefully evaluated the subject of fuel economy from several perspectives. To this day, no publication has covered the field like this reference does. The 5.5x8.5 format contains 134 pages with several illustrations.

Gas Saver's Reference guides the reader toward higher fuel economy by bringing together: the research, the technology, the world of fuel economy information, a logical step-by-step plan, and more into one comprehensive volume.

Topics covered include:

The book is organized into the following chapters:

Interesting Side Note ...


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4.3.2   Book Preview

A book preview was created to provide an inside look at this unique reference publication. The preview items, listed below, were all formatted to match the original printed version appearance. To view them: Click Here.


The book preview provides a glimpse
into an extensive storehouse of automotive fuel economy knowledge.
If you're tired - of gasoline purchases draining your pocketbook,
if you want - to educate yourself in this field,
if you want - to improve the economy, life, and performance of your car,
you'll know what to do

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4.3.3   Gift Specifications

Gift ID: 1005-1
Gift Type: Reference Book
Gift Description: Gas Saver's Reference, A New Approach To The World of Fuel Economy, 2002 Collector's Edition (HTML compiled ebook format); ISBN 0-937591-05-X
Gift Value: $20
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Gift Copyright: January 2002. All Rights Reserved.
Gift Availability: After January 02, 2002
Gift Format: HTML executable file
Gift Use Requirements: Windows 95 or greater. IE4.0 or greater on computer.
Gift Guarantee: See Mine Donation-Gift Form
Gift Details:
[1][Replica]: Of the April 1991 Softcover Library Edition (in ebook format).
[2][Author-Approved Format]: Carefully-formatted author-approved reprint of the original classic.
[3][Personalized/Numbered Copy]: Each book is individually prepared, personalized, and numbered. You know the book belongs only to you.
[4][Unique Ebook Philosophy]: Author and publisher's unique views on ebooks provide extra value, flexibility, and enjoyment for the reader. Details.

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