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Section 4.4: Principle of Fuel Economy Reference
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4.4Principle of Fuel Economy Reference
4.4.1Book Overview
4.4.2Book Status
4.4.3Book Notification Request
4.4.4Gift Specifications
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4.4   Principle of Fuel Economy Reference

Reference Book:
Principle of Fuel Economy Reference

Science of Fuel Consumption


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4.4.1   Book Overview

From the author of
other unique Automotive publications

The Principle of Fuel Economy Reference - has a simple, but important purpose: guide the reader to mastery of the little understood but powerful - Principle of Fuel Economy.

Once learned, any vehicle, powered with an internal combustion engine, can benefit from a thorough - performance and fuel economy - evaluation and makeover.

Additional extensive background and diagnostic reference information is also provided.

Fuel economy business opportunities are explored.

Gain an understanding and knowledge of fuel economy that few understand. Such wisdom will only become more valuable in the days to come.

If you're the do-it-yourself self-reliant type, this information will increase your automotive diagnostic skills, help reduce fuel expenses, and provide possible home business opportunities.

Planned publication topics include:

Reader benefits include:__

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4.4.2   Book Status

An ebook edition is planned for the future.

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4.4.3   Book Notification Request

If you would like to be notified when this publication becomes available, send us an email. Please place "1013-1 Book Notification Request" in the subject line. The Internet Mine's current email address can be found at this link: Mine Contact Information.

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4.4.4   Gift Specifications

Gift ID: 1013-1
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