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Section 4.5: Online Worker's Reference
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4.5Online Worker's Reference
4.5.1Book Overview
4.5.2Book Benefits
4.5.3Book Preview
4.5.4Gift Specifications
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4.5   Online Worker's Reference

Reference Book:
The Online Worker's Reference

A New Approach To The World of Online Work Information


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4.5.1   Book Overview

Are you ...
tired of working for others? .. going nowhere in your career?
searching for job security? .. living from paycheck to paycheck?
unable to make ends meet? .. getting burned out?
losing your mind with the 8-5 grind? .. commuting your life away?
stuck in the employment/unemployment cycle?

Are you ..
unemployed? .. laid off? .. fired?
out of work due to job, age, sex discrimination?
downsized onto the streets?
tired of the resume-interview runaround?
tired of looking for work? .. unable to find local work?

Does all this nonsense ..annoy you?
Does it sound like .. the drum beat song of work rage?

There is help.

You are about to discover .. the vast world of online work.

If you're serious ..
if you want to self-direct your work destiny,
if you want to find - legitimate online work,
if you want to successfully navigate - the online work jungle,
if you want to bypass - the misleading information, and con games .. ad nauseum,
if you want to stop wasting money on endless worthless schemes,
if you want to learn about the light and dark side of the online work industry,
if you want a comprehensive, professional, educational, investigative online work resource,
if you want to get street-smart,
this reference book - will help and enlighten.

Get quick access ..
to over 830 pages of specific information,
to more than 950 carefully organized sections,
to a large collection of benefits,
providing - an extensive inside look - at the world of online work.

Exploration is endless ..
analysis, advantages/disadvantages, background, cross references, common sense tips,
descriptions, detailed work profiles (almost 70), valuable resources (1000s included),
directories, discoveries, guides, insider information, locations, notes,
pay methods, pay scales, recommendations, research, special reports (5 included),
an encyclopedia of online work terminology (a book within a book, +140 pages),
an amazing Internet Gold Secret - revealed,
and more ..

Spend time searching the Internet.
You'll discover,
it is a slow elusive process -finding- worthwhile online work opportunities.

When the frustration builds ..
when the hours - seem to slip away - with no concrete results,
when you need help - to bypass - all the nonsense,
remember this book.

Learn from another's efforts ..
Time is money.
Get the relevant information you need,
to start an online work career ..


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4.5.2   Book Benefits

Here lies over 30 benefits,
you receive with this reference book:

  1. Serious Reference .. an important book for any serious online job seeker. Information found no where else. Learn what many in the online and work-at-home communities don't want you to know.
  2. Start Making Money .. quickly. There are real job opportunities that will begin paying almost immediately.
  3. Save Time .. It would take months of searching and communicating to unearth just some of this information, and only if you know: where to look, how to communicate, how to flush out the truth, how to organize it, etc.
  4. Save Money .. If you're looking for real online work, find it fast with this book. Stop wasting money chasing down endless deadends.
  5. Avoid Frustration .. Speed up the typical, slow, elusive process of finding online work.
  6. Get Street-Smart .. Never get conned again. Master a collection of proven common sense tips. Burn them into your brain. Use them to quickly evaluate any online opportunity.
  7. Make One Small Investment .. to acquire a large collection of online work industry information and resources.
  8. Review Numerous Detailed Work Profiles .. Almost 70 popular online work opportunities are profiled, providing information and resources to make an educated decision, and get started.
  9. Learn The Author's Recommendations .. on each profiled online work opportunity.
  10. Determine Online Work .. right for you.
  11. Discover Inside Information .. those in the online and work-at-home industries don't want you to know.
  12. Probe The Light and Dark Side .. of the online work world.
  13. Learn How To Spot .. and avoid online work con games.
  14. Explore Over 830 Pages .. of relevant information.
  15. Quickly Locate Information .. carefully organized in over 950 sections.
  16. Acquire A Library .. of online work research information.
  17. Bypass Endless Emails .. and counter emails to determine the truth.
  18. Quickly Determine Online Work .. to pursue and avoid.
  19. Match Your Job Interests .. with what is actually available.
  20. Access Specific Websites .. offering real online job opportunities now.
  21. Review An Immense Collection .. of resource website links.
  22. Learn How To Investigate .. online work opportunites.
  23. Protect Yourself .. with tips for quickly determining online work legitimacy.
  24. Review Pay Scales .. of various online work opportunities.
  25. Brainstorm .. a future business or profession by reviewing a list of popular Entrepreneurial opportunities.
  26. Review Various Work Methods .. to determine what you like best.
  27. Educate Yourself .. with an extensive encyclopedia of online work terminology. A book within a book. Over 140 pages of: abbreviations, jargon, phrases, slang, terms, and words.
  28. Unearth The Great Internet Gold Secret .. a quiet revolution positively affecting discerning individuals, online workers, and businesses.
  29. Get 5 Special Reports .. adding more value, unique information, and resources to an already comprehensive reference book.
  30. Benefit From A Unique Ebook Philosophy .. which adds extra value and flexibility to your ebook.
  31. Acquire A Personal Ebook .. personally prepared and serialized. You know it belongs only to you.
  32. And .. more ..

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4.5.3   Book Preview

To preview 13 different book sections: Click Here

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4.5.4   Gift Specifications

Gift ID: 1014-1
Gift Type: Reference Book
Gift Description: Online Worker's Reference, A New Approach To The World of Online Work Information, 2002 Edition (HTML compiled ebook format); ISBN 0-937591-03-3
Gift Value: $30
Gift Donation Amount: See Mine Donation-Gift Form
Gift Acquisition: To acquire this gift: see Mine Donation-Gift Form
Gift Delivery: Gift(s) can be delivered online or offline. See Mine Donation-Gift Form for complete details.
Gift Copyright: August 2002. All Rights Reserved.
Gift Availability: After August 25, 2002
Gift Format: HTML executable file
Gift Use Requirements: Windows 95 or greater. IE4.0 or greater on computer.
Gift Guarantee: See Mine Donation-Gift Form
Gift Details:
[1][Personalized/Numbered Copy]: Each book is individually prepared, personalized, and numbered. You know the book belongs only to you.
[2][Unique Ebook Philosophy]: Author and publisher's unique views on ebooks provide extra value, flexibility, and enjoyment for the reader. Details.

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