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For self-directed individuals ...

You've drifted off the beaten path.

Pay careful attention ..
to your surroundings, your senses, your intuition.

Use your imagination.
Your perception.

Discover an inner world,
seldom seen.

For, here lies a cache of uncommon valuables.
Some are free.
Others free with a donation.

help this website
continue important research,
leading to
more free information, reference desks, and ground-breaking publications,
enlightening sovereign individuals.

with the wisdom to see and discern
will know what to do ...


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1Mine Donations and Gifts
1.1Mine Donation-Gift Form .. html format
  [Brief Description]: The html file version of the Donation-Gift Form. It provides a convenient format for viewing: a list of available gifts, and form notes. Helpful links can also be selected providing further related information. When you are ready to fill out a blank form, we recommend you use the text file version described in Section 1.2.
1.2Mine Donation-Gift Form .. text file format
  [Brief Description]: The text file version of the Donation-Gift Form. This format is recommended for use when composing a donation-gift request. The text file format makes it easy to: view and modify with any word processor or text editor, insert into an email, make a copy for your records, and make a printed copy to send to The Internet Mine by regular mail. The links, in the notes section, are not active.
2Reference Desks (private collection)
2.1Best of Their Kind Reference Desk
  [Brief Description]: Private collection of resources believed to be the best of their kind.
[Status]: Free with donation. Currently inactive.
3.1Online Worker Newsletter
  [Brief Description]: Exploring the online work jungle.
[Status]: Free. Currently inactive. Content now appears as postings (articles, reports, etc.) at TheInternetMine website. Postings are announced in TheInternetMine newsletter.
3.2Electronic Gold Newsletter
  [Brief Description]: Exploring the world of electronic gold.
[Status]: Free. Currently inactive. Content now appears as postings (articles, reports, etc.) at TheInternetMine website. Postings are announced in TheInternetMine newsletter.
3.3Armageddon Reference Desk Newsletter
  [Brief Description]: Warning, educational, preparedness newsletter scientifically exploring the great approaching multi-faceted darkness. Armageddons have happened several times before. See the big picture. Learn and prepare.
[Status]: Free. Currently inactive. Content now appears as postings (articles, reports, etc.) at TheInternetMine website. Postings are announced in TheInternetMine newsletter.
3.4Automotive Reference Desk Newsletter
  [Brief Description]: World of online automotive information.
[Status]: Free. Currently inactive. Content now appears as postings (articles, reports, etc.) at TheInternetMine website. Postings are announced in TheInternetMine newsletter.
3.5TheInternetMine Newsletter
  [Brief Description]: Covers developments and new content at The Internet Mine website.
[Status]: Free.
4Reference Books
4.1Automotive Reference
  [Brief Description]: Remarkable publication. First appeared in March 1987 (470 8.5x11 pages packed with small type). Closest books today, are half the size, less half the number of pages, and don't even begin to cover the subject. Truly one-of-a-kind. 2004 ebook edition of 1987 publication.
[Status]: Free with donation.
4.2Automotive Con Games Reference
  [Brief Description]: A sea of endless cons: road rage, deceptive auto insurance companies, phony accident attorneys, gas pump deceptions, carjackings, crooked car repairs, and more ad-nauseum. The average driver is surrounded by automotive con games - being played out daily. Best protective knowledge available. Immense collection of unique, hard-to-find, controversial, and concealed information, found no where else.
[Status]: Future release.
4.3Gas Saver's Reference
  [Brief Description]: Underground fuel economy classic. First appeared in April 1991, when the USA was involved in the Gulf War. Still the only reference to uniquely address the field of fuel economy knowledge. 2004 ebook edition of 1991 publication.
[Status]: Free with donation.
4.4Principle of Fuel Economy Reference
  [Brief Description]: Comprehensive guide to master the little understood but powerful - Principle of Fuel Economy. Once learned, any internal combustion vehicle can benefit.
[Status]: Future release.
4.5Online Worker's Reference
  [Brief Description]: For serious online workers. Large +830 page reference. Almost 1000 sections. Find online work. Bypass the nonsense. Extensive inside look at online work world. Online work terminology included (+140 pages). 2002 ebook edition.
[Status]: Free with donation.
4.6Online Work Terminology Reference
  [Brief Description]: Comprehensive +150 page collection of online work terminology. 2002 ebook edition.
[Status]: Currently unavailable.
4.7Electronic Gold Terminology Reference
  [Brief Description]: Comprehensive collection of electronic gold terminology.
[Status]: Future release.
4.8Electronic Gold Reference
  [Brief Description]: Comprehensive user guide to the electronic gold industry.
[Status]: Future release.
4.9Gold Specification Reference
  [Brief Description]: Comprehensive gold knowledge from various perspectives: chemical, engineering, geographic, geologic, historical, industrial, personal, monetary, scientific, experimental, etc.
[Status]: Future release.
4.10The Classic Proven Gas Saving Device
  [Brief Description]: Discover an inexpensive almost-forgotten fuel ecomony device available in any automotive parts store. Installation is simple. No engine modifications are required. Any internal combustion engine is a candidate. It has been used successfully for decades by: car buffs, the racing industry, and those who understand the concept of fuel economy. Once you install the device, educate yourself to its use, and apply what you learn, your fuel economy will improve significantly. In the 1960s, the author drove a full size Ford station wagon with a 300 horsepower 390 cubic inch V-8 engine. On one particular trip, using the device, the author was able to increase his highway fuel economy from 10-12 mpg to 17 mpg. The device also serves several other valuable functions.
[Status]: Future release.
4.11Automotive Fuels
  [Brief Description]: An amazing panaroma of fuels have been used successfully to power internal and external combustion engines. Solids. Powders. Liquids. Gases. Each fuel has advantages and disadvantages.
[Status]: Future release.
5.1Armageddon Is Inevitable
  [Brief Description]: Approaching, spreading, worldwide darkness. Armageddons have occurred several times before. Based on overwhelming geological, historical, scientific, and written evidence.
[Status]: Free with donation.
5.2Truth About Online Work Opportunities
  [Brief Description]: For serious online job seekers. Two month investigation. Discover many truths and suprises about the controversial online work world. Save time, frustration, and money.
[Status]: Free with donation.
5.3Principle of Fuel Economy
  [Brief Description]: Learn how to evaluate and enhance the fuel efficiency of any internal combustion engine vehicle. Little understood powerful principle.
[Status]: Free with donation.
5.4Online Work, Which Job Is Right For You?
  [Brief Description]: Make wise online work decisions. Save time, frustration, and false starts. Step-by-step guidelines.
[Status]: Free with donation.
5.5Online Work Con Games, How To Spot Them
  [Brief Description]: Online work promotions lurk around countless Internet corners. From worthwhile to outright con games. Learn to spot the difference. Stop getting conned. Get street-smart.
[Status]: Free with donation.
5.6Popular Entrepreneurial Work Opportunities
  [Brief Description]: Get your creative juices flowing. Discover rewarding businesses and professions to pursue on or off the Internet. Step-by step guidelines.
[Status]: Free with donation.
5.7Great Internet Gold Secret
  [Brief Description]: Amazing quiet development positively affecting wise individuals and businesses.
[Status]: Free with donation.
5.8Common Sense Tips For Evaluating Online Opportunities
  [Brief Description]: Discover the most important asset combating online con games: common sense. Valuable collection. Burn them into your memory. Be forever armed against those who want to fleece you.
[Status]: Free with donation.
5.9How To Find Online Work
  [Brief Description]: This report's purpose is simple and direct: provide the reader with a quick overview of the online work industry, how to approach it, and how best to obtain legitimate online work.
[Status]: Free with donation.
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