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Frugal Living .. is a wise way of life
practiced since the dawn of time,
by those who understand
the benefits of low-cost living.

Frugal Living .. minimizes the influence of money
which runs the world,
creates endless problems between people, businesses, governments, and nations,
controls the daily lives of most people,
preoccupies the thoughts of most human beings,
has become the only universal religion and addiction,
is easy to spend and difficult to acquire,
and so on .. ad-nauseum.

Frugal Living .. is a way of life
which minimizes the personal burden of money,
lessens the need to chase, acquire, and manage money,
decreases everyday stresses and conflicts,
improves one's physical, mental, and emotional health,
teaches self-reliance,
allows more productive thoughts,
and enables a closer connection to a meaningful life.

Frugal Living .. practitioners
know the true meaning
of the timeless quote: "a fool and his money are soon parted".

The Frugal Living Reference Desk
was created
to assist wise individuals
in the practice of low-cost living.

Proceed with an open mind ...

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