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Those ..
who are not brain dead,
who are committed to their cause,
who resist being bought and sold,
who are compelled to take a stand,
who are driven to defend the less fortunate, the less powerful,
who care about human rights, privacy, and individuality,
who understand all life is in peril,
who see the great approaching darkness in all its facets,
who take personal risks and make sacrifices,
who suffer and live frugal lives,
who refuse to be beaten by the powerful forces in place,
who understand the price to be paid for inaction ...

The Activist Reference Desk
is dedicated
to Earth's committed warriors,
those who care, for the Earth, her causes, and making a difference ...


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activist .. [Site]: Google Directory > Society > Activism. [Details]: Activism portal. Extensive listing. [RD:20021104].
activist .. [Site]: [Details]: activist portal. [RD:20021104].
activist .. [Site]: Morganas Observatory, Links for Researchers and Activists. [Details]: Activists, researcher portal. [RD:20021104].
activist .. [Site]: The Nation. [Details]: Activist, organizing portal. [RD:20021104].
activists (government resources for) .. [Site]: The Written Words Government Resource Page. [Details]: Government agencies. [RD:20021104].
Anthrax .. [Site]: Anthrax Vaccine Home Page. [Details]: Anthrax portal. Practicing physician. Anthrax vaccine expert. Good resource. [RD:20021104].

computers (teaching common sense to) .. [Site]: Open Mind Commonsense. [Details]: Collecting common sense information for computers. Home of the Open Mind Common Sense Project. [RD:20021104].
contaminants (environment) .. [Site]: Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia. [Details]: Environmental contaminants. [RD:20021104].

donations (charity - free - make) .. [Site]: Donate to Charity for Free. [Details]: Help a variety of environmental and good will organizations by clicking. [RD:20021104].
donations (environmental - free - make) .. [Site]: eActivist Home. [Details]: Make donations by clicking (no buying required). [RD:20021104].

ecofeminism .. [Site]: EcoFeminism. [Details]: ecofeminism. [RD:20021104].

genetic engineering .. [Site]: Greenpeace International. [Details]: Anti-genetic engineering. [RD:20021104].
Granny D. .. See Haddock, Doris "Granny D".

Haddock, Doris "Granny D." .. [Site]: Granny D. Home Page. [Details]: Home page of famous grandmother reform activist (born 1910), resources, speeches, writings, events, etc. [Interests]: Reform of: government, business, social, environmental, planet. [Personal Accomplishments]: [1][1960]: Helped stop planned atmospheric testing of hydrogen bombs in Alaska in 1960 (with then husband Jim). [2][1995]: Became interested in campaign reform. Led a petition movement. [3][1999]: 89 years old. Walked 3,200 miles across the USA (from Pasadena, California to Washington, D.C.), demonstrating concern for campaign reform issue; wore out 4 sets of shoes. Walked 10 miles daily for 14 months. Hospitalized in Arizona with dehydration and pneumonia. Was met by 2,200 people (variety of reform groups) in Washington, D.C.; has emphysema and arthritis. Five feet tall. Cross-country skied 100 miles (along old C&O Canal tow path) to defeat snow storm-caused delay. Several dozen congressmen walked the final miles with her. [4][2000]: Was credited along with John McCain and Bill Bradley in Presidential candidate Al Gore campaign finance reform plank. [5][2001]: Walked continuously around Capital building (for 7 days) during McCain-Feingold debate, stopping only for brief rests and food (in winter winds and rain). 35 senators spoke to her. [RD:20021104].

organization (American Civil Liberties Union) .. [Site]: ACLU. [Details]: Civil rights. [RD:20021104].
organization (American Gulf War Veterans Association) .. [Site]: American Gulf War Veterans Association. [Details]: Gulf War veterans. [Interests]: Gulf War Issues (1991 - present) including: anthrax vaccine, biological-chemical weapons, depleted uranium, gulf war illness, justice/compensation for sick gulf war veterans, military medical experimentation, radiation poisioning. [RD:20021104].
organization (American Indian Movement) .. [Site]: AIM. [Details]: Native American issues. [RD:20021104].
organization (American Solar Energy Society) .. [Site]: American Solar Energy Society. [Details]: Solar energy. Advancing solar energy use for benefit of USA and global environment. [RD:20021104].
organization (American Water Works Association) .. [Site]: AWWA. [Details]: Safe drinking water. [RD:20021104].
organization (Amnesty International) .. [Site]: Amnesty International. [Details]: Human rights. Defending and promoting human rights worldwide. [RD:20021104].
organization (Amnesty International USA) .. [Site]: Amnesty International USA. [Details]: Human rights. Defending and promoting human rights. [RD:20021104].
organization (Animal Liberation Front) .. [Site]: Animal Liberation Front. [Details]: Animal protection. Carrying out direct action against animal abuse. Rescuing animals. Causing financial loss to animal exploiters (usually damage and/or destruction of property). [RD:20021104].
organization ( .. [Site]: [Details]: Antiwar news, viewpoints, activities, resources. [RD:20021104].
organization (Clean Air Conservancy) .. [Site]: The Clean Air Conservancy. [Details]: Clean air. Promoting acquisition of pollution allowances to fight pollution. [RD:20021104].
organization (Common Sense For Drug Policy) .. [Site]: Common Sense for Drug Policy. [Details]: Drug policy reform. Drug war facts. News. Related resources. [RD:20021104].
organization (Common Sense Justice) .. [Site]: Common Sense Justice. [Details]: South Dakota legal reform. [Interests]: Amendment A. Bad laws. Eliminating excessive laws. Excessive harmless people imprisoned. Right to argue law issues (flawed, misapplied, too harsh, etc.). [Note]: Amendment A is considered one of the most important initiatives in the history of this country (according to California legal professional observers). [RD:20021104].
organization (Communal Studies Association) .. [Site]: Communal Studies Association. [Details]: Communal society. [Interests]: Preservation, restoration, public interpretation, and study of american (historic), contemporary and international communal societies. Promoting communal society experiences and successes. [Background]: Founded 1975. [RD:20021104].
organization (Consumer Portal) .. [Site]: Consumer Portal. [Details]: Consumer: advice, alerts, resources, tips. [RD:20021104].
organization (CyberAngels) .. [Site]: CyberAngels. [Details]: Internet safety. Organization since 1995. [RD:20021104].
organization (Defenders of Wildlife) .. [Site]: Defenders of Wildlife. [Details]: Protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities. [RD:20021104].
organization (Direct Action) .. [Site]: Direct Action. [Details]: Defending Maryland citizen civil rights. [RD:20021104].
organization (Drug Sense) .. [Site]: Drug Sense. [Details]: Drug policy and war reform. Drug war: facts, news, related resources. [RD:20021104].
organization (eActivist) .. [Site]: eActivist. [Details]: Activist portal. Extensive resources. [RD:20021104].
organization (Earth Island Institute) .. [Site]: Earth Island Institute. [Details]: Environmental information, action. [RD:20021104].
organization (Earth Share) .. [Site]: Earth Share. [Details]: Global environmental coalition organization. [RD:20021104].
organization (Eco Portal) .. [Site]: Eco-Portal. [Details]: Ecological sustainability; promoting Internet use for pursuit of ecological sustainability. [RD:20021104].
organization (Electronic Activist) .. [Site]: The Electronic Activist. [Details]: Separation of church and state. Research and education organization. [RD:20021104].
organization (Electronic Privacy Information Center) .. [Site]: Electronic Privacy Information Center. [Details]: Electronic privacy: issues, news, related. Popular site. [RD:20021104].
organization (El Paso Solar Energy Association) .. [Site]: El Paso Solar Energy Association. [Details]: Solar energy. Regions: West Texas, Southern New Mexico, Northern Mexico. Founded in 1978. [RD:20021104].
organization (Envirolink Network) .. [Site]: The EnviroLink Network. [Details]: Environmental portal. Non-profit organization. Access to thousands of environmental resources since 1991. [RD:20021104].
organization (First Church of Common Sense) .. [Site]: First Church of Common Sense. [Details]: Sustainable living. Freethinkers (diverse backgrounds) with common goals and a shared vision of a sustainable future for planet Earth, and ending the destructive cycle of abuse wrought by humanity. [RD:20021104].
organization (Greenpeace International) .. [Site]: Greenpeace International. [Details]: Environment. Popular international environmental group. [RD:20021104].
organization (Human Rights Watch) .. [Site]: Human Rights Watch. [Details]: Human rights defense. [RD:20021104].
organization (HungerWeb) .. [Site]: The Hunger Web. [Details]: Hunger prevention, elimination. [RD:20021104].
organization (Institute For Local Self-Reliance) .. [Site]: Institute For Local Self-Reliance. [Details]: Local self-reliance. [Background]: Nonprofit research and educational organization. Provides technical assistance and information on environmentally sound economic development strategies. Founded 1974. Work with: citizen groups, governments, private businesses. [RD:20021104].
organization (International Solar Energy Society) .. [Site]: The International Solar Energy Society. [Details]: Renewable, solar energy. Large/old technically oriented organization. [RD:20021104].
organization (Iranian Trade Association) .. [Site]: Iranian Trade Association. [Details]: American foreign policy and Iran. [RD:20021104].
organization (Loka Institute) .. [Site]: Loka Institute. [Details]: Research, science and technology implications. Non-profit. [RD:20021104].
organization (McSpotlight) .. [Site]: McSpotlight. [Details]: Multinational corporation problems. [RD:20021104].
organization (Mother Jones) .. [Site]: Mother Jones. [Details]: Social justice. [RD:20021104].
organization (Mothers Arms) .. [Site]: Mothers Arms. [Details]: Protecting women and children. Non-profit. [RD:20021104].
organization (Multinational Monitor) .. [Site]: Multinational Monitor. [Details]: Corporate activity, hazardous substances, workers, environment. [RD:20021104].
organization (National Arbor Day Foundation) .. [Site]: The National Arbor Day Foundation. [Details]: Helping people plant and care for trees. World's largest tree-planting organization. [RD:20021104].
organization (National Association for Advancement of Colored People) .. [Site]: NAACP. [Details]: Racism, civil rights. [RD:20021104].
organization (National Audubon Society) .. [Site]: Audubon Online, National Audubon Society. [Details]: Conservation and wildlife. [RD:20021104].
organization (National Organization for Women) .. [Site]: National Organization For Women. [Deails]: Women's issues. [RD:20021104].
organization (Natural Resources Defense Council) .. [Site]: Natural Resources Defense Council. [Details]: Wildlife. Wild places protection. Ensuring safe and healthy environment for all living things. Worldwide. [RD:20021104].
organization (Ocean Voice International) .. [Site]: Ocean Voice International. [Details]: Harmony between humanity and ocean environment. [RD:20021104].
organization (PETA) .. [Site]: People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals. [Details]: Animal protection, rights. [Interests]: [1][Animal]: abuse, experimentation, killing, respect, rights, testing. [2][Exposing/Closing Facilities]: abusive/cruel to animals, conducting inhumane training, infecting animals, killing animals inhumanely, using animals in various consumer product tests. [3][Educating/Convincing]: industries to install wildlife protective equipment at industrial facilities dangerous to wildlife. [Background]: Founded 1980. International non-profit organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. [RD:20021104].
organization (OpenPGP Alliance) .. [Site]: The OpenPGP Alliance. [Details]: Open source encryption software. OpenPGP standard. Group of companies and organizations implementing the OpenPGP standard. News, resources, related. [RD:20021104].
organization (Rainforest Action Network) .. [Site]: Rainforest Action Network. [Details]: Rainforest protection portal. [RD:20021104].
organization (Second Nature) .. [Site]: Second Nature. [Details]: Sustainability education portal. [RD:20021104].
organization (Sierra Club) .. [Site]: Sierra Club. [Details]: Environment. Popular environmental organization. [RD:20021104].
organization (Solar Energy Industries Association) .. [Site]: Solar Energy Industries Association. [Details]: Solar industries. [RD:20021104].
organization (Solar Energy International) .. [Site]: Solar Energy International. [Details]: Solar energy. Provide renewable energy education and technical assistance. Non-profit organization. [RD:20021104].
organization (Solstice) .. [Site]: REPP-CREST. [Details]: Renewable energy. Sustainable technology. Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology. [RD:20021104].
organization (SUNetwork) .. [Site]: SUNetwork, Sustainable USA Network. [Details]: Sustainability portal. [RD:20021104].
organization (Union of Concerned Scientists) .. [Site]: Union of Concerned Scientists. [Details]: Citizens and scientists for environmental solutions. [RD:20021104].
organization (Wildlife Protection Network) .. [Site]: Wildlife Protection Network. [Details]: Educating the public about nonlethal and humane means of dealing with wildlife issues. [RD:20021104].
organization (Wildlife Society) .. [Site]: The Wildlife Society. [Details]: International non-profit scientific and educational association. Dedicated to wildlife stewardship. [RD:20021104].
organization (Wildlife Trust of India) .. [Site]: Wildlife Trust of India. [Details]: Committed to action preventing destruction of India’s wildlife. Non-profit conservation organization. [RD:20021104].
organization (World Animal Net) .. [Site]: World Animal Net. [Details]: Animal protection portal. World's largest network of animal protection societies. Affiliates in over 90 countries. [RD:20021104].
organization (World Resources Institute) .. [Site]: World Resources Institute. [Details]: Global environment. Provide information, ideas, and solutions to global environmental problems. [RD:20021104].
organization (World Wildlife Fund) .. [Site]: World Wildlife Fund. [Details]: Wildlife. USA arm of global wildlife-oriented organization. [RD:20021104].
organization (World Wildlife Fund International) .. [Site]: World Wildlife Fund International. [Details]: Wildlife. International arm of World Wildlife Fund. [RD:20021104].
organization (Worldwatch Institute) .. [Site]: Worldwatch Institute. [Details]: Cross-disciplinary, global environment information. [RD:20021104].
organizations (activist) .. [Site]: [Details]: Activist organizations. [RD:20021104].

paranormal .. [Site]: Coast To Coast AM]: Site of the world's most popular late night talk show. Hosts include: George Noorey (weekdays), Art Bell (weekends), Hilly Rose (occasionally), Barbara Simpson (ocasionally). [Interests]: Aliens, alien abductions, ancient civilizations, chemtrails, conspiracies, cover ups, earth changes, environment, evp, haarp, ghosts, mysteries, one world government, paranormal, prophecy, quickening, remote viewing, secrecy, ufos, real x-files, etc.. [RD:20021104].

researchers .. [Site]: Researcher Reference Desk. [Details]: Researcher portal. [RD:20021104].
rights (digital - consumer) .. [Site]: [Details]: Consumer digital rights. [RD:20021104].

software (intelligent - developing) .. [Site]: Open Mind Initiative. [Details]: Collaborative framework for developing "intelligent" software using Internet. Based on traditional open source method. [RD:20021104].

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Albert Einstein
World Famous Physicist
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."

Doris "Granny D" Haddock
Popular Reform Activist - Government, Social, Economic, Environment (1910 - )
"We have a duty to look after each other. If we lose control of our government, then we lose our ability to dispense justice and human kindness. Our first priority today, then, is to defeat utterly those forces of greed and corruption that have come between us and our self-governance."

Speaking to Citizens for Participation in Political Action, Boston September 27, 2002
"What we are seeing now from the far right is not conservatism at all. It is fascism: the imposition of a national and worldwide police state to enforce a narrow world view that enriches and empowers the few at the expense of the many, and that gives no respect or honor to other cultures, ways of living, or opinions. To call that conservatism is a crime against the memory of America's great and true conservatives, who might think that government ought to be less involved in life than we old liberals would concur with, but who nevertheless stood for the core American values that today's right wing leaders undermine at every opportunity."

Abraham Lincoln
letter to William F. Elkins, Nov 21st, 1864
"It has indeed been a trying hour for the Republic; but I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war."

Margaret Mead
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Victor Hugo
(1802 - 1885)"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come."

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