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Whitehorse ..

An independent publisher
for over 20 years ...

Founded in 1984.

Based on an unshakable quest
to independently produce
unique and compelling publications found nowhere else ..


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1Whitehorse Publications
2Whitehorse Contact Information
3Whitehorse Spirit
4Whitehorse Ebook Philosophy
4.1The Ebook Problem
4.2Whitehorse Ebook Philosophy
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1   Whitehorse Publications

The books, reports, and newsletters,
listed at The Internet Mine's Mine Discoveries page,
are produced using Whitehorse's publishing expertise.

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2   Whitehorse Contact Information

P.O. Box 6125
Boise, Idaho 83707

Website: http://theinternetmine.com/whitehorse.htm
Email Address: See Mine Contact information.

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3   Whitehorse Spirit

The Spirit of Whitehorse ...

The writings
created at Whitehorse
are dedicated
to all who hunger for knowledge.

We each chart our destiny
by what we know.

May the world
inside each Whitehorse publication
illuminate, educate, and help
those whose path it graces ...


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4   Whitehorse Ebook Philosophy

Here lies ..
the Whitehorse view of the current ebook problem,
the Whitehorse ebook philosophy, and
the Whitehorse ebook solution.


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4.1   The Ebook Problem

A great storm is brewing,
between content providers and their customers.

A storm caused by "the electronic age".
A movement of information
from paper .. to the bits and bytes of the electronic world.

Recent history
has already demonstrated
no easy foolproof way - to completely protect anything - electronically.

it doesn't stop
powerful businesses, organizations, industries, nations, and others
from launching endless protection schemes
with no end in sight.

several "electronic laws"
provide controversial electronic intellectual property protection
for digital - books, movies, music, radio/TV broadcasts, etc.

such laws - heavily and unfairly favor - content providers,
resulting in customers losing important "electronic viewing rights".

A poorly thought-out scenario.
Content providers are forgetting:
without satisfied customers - there is no audience, no business.

It is time to clear the air ...

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4.2   The Whitehorse Ebook Philosophy

Whitehorse ebooks
follow an uncommon path,
favoring the rights of the individual.

Whitehorse ebook owners
are entitled to the following fair use rights:

• The right to read an ebook without undue restrictions.
• The right to install your ebook on more than one computer.
• The right to make backup copies of your ebook.
• The right to lend your ebook to a friend.

Whitehorse ebooks
are also personalized,
so owners know - each ebook they purchase
belongs - only to them ...


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